My Election Reform part 1

I had this thought on the way home from work the other day:

Today in Canada nobody really votes anymore, why? Discontent? Apathy? Dis-satisfied with the candidates? Likely all of the above. So here’s my idea of how politicians should be elected, etc.

Starting with the Prime Minister. He/she really has no political power. He is the head of the party and thats it. He represents them as a whole. He speaks for them, he does not make the decisions. He has to be elected into his constituency just like every other MP. He does not get a lavish mansion to live in, nor does he get any special treatment other than what the party gives him. He is not tax-payer paid, other than what he earns being an elected MP (more on that later). When he travels, he represents all three (or more) political parties of the country and speaks for them. They dictate what he is to say and do. They (all of the political parties) as a whole represent Canada, not him alone.

MP’s represent their political party in each of the constituencies of the country. When elected they are directly accountable to the people that elected him. To enforce this, they are paid a flat rate per person that voted for them. If he won his local race with 45% of the people voting for him then his pay is 45% of the total amount available in that area. Anyone can run for this position and if there is no one to run, then a person is chosen from the community in a similar manner as jurors are chosen. There is no money given to help them get elected. All candidates get equal opportunity, there is no campaigning. To facilitate this ALL people over the age of 18 HAS to vote. Criminals do not vote, everyone else must. Voting happens over a 2 week voting period. Election personel goto the voters if necessary. People can vote from anywhere at anytime during that 2 week period. Ballots contain all candidates’ names as well as a “None” option if the voter wishes to not cast a vote for any candidate. Voting for a candidate means that the voter is making his/her tax portion that is set aside for politicians available to that candidate only.

More in part 2…