My Election Reform part 1

I had this thought on the way home from work the other day:

Today in Canada nobody really votes anymore, why? Discontent? Apathy? Dis-satisfied with the candidates? Likely all of the above. So here’s my idea of how politicians should be elected, etc.

Starting with the Prime Minister. He/she really has no political power. He is the head of the party and thats it. He represents them as a whole. He speaks for them, he does not make the decisions. He has to be elected into his constituency just like every other MP. He does not get a lavish mansion to live in, nor does he get any special treatment other than what the party gives him. He is not tax-payer paid, other than what he earns being an elected MP (more on that later). When he travels, he represents all three (or more) political parties of the country and speaks for them. They dictate what he is to say and do. They (all of the political parties) as a whole represent Canada, not him alone.

MP’s represent their political party in each of the constituencies of the country. When elected they are directly accountable to the people that elected him. To enforce this, they are paid a flat rate per person that voted for them. If he won his local race with 45% of the people voting for him then his pay is 45% of the total amount available in that area. Anyone can run for this position and if there is no one to run, then a person is chosen from the community in a similar manner as jurors are chosen. There is no money given to help them get elected. All candidates get equal opportunity, there is no campaigning. To facilitate this ALL people over the age of 18 HAS to vote. Criminals do not vote, everyone else must. Voting happens over a 2 week voting period. Election personel goto the voters if necessary. People can vote from anywhere at anytime during that 2 week period. Ballots contain all candidates’ names as well as a “None” option if the voter wishes to not cast a vote for any candidate. Voting for a candidate means that the voter is making his/her tax portion that is set aside for politicians available to that candidate only.

More in part 2…


My latest cause

Below is an email I sent to my MP regarding the treatment of employees at Loblaws (Superstore here in Atlantic Canada) stores.

Hi Robert,

Congratulations on your win of the seat in Dartmouth. It is my hope that now things can actually get done, so lets get started…

Why is it okay for the government to simply bolster their unemployment/employment figures on the backs of hard working and reliable, existing employees?

It has come to my attention that Loblaws (Superstore here in Atlantic Canada) has entered into a deal with the government of Canada (Stephen Harper?) to increase employment figures by restricting the already restricted “part time” employees to no more than 24-28 hours per week spread out over 6-7 days and to (supposedly) hire more employees. These “existing” employees are hard working and reliable people who depend on a minimal (to say the least) paycheck to survive. These are Mothers and fathers, even grandparents, whose lively hood is now put into jeopardy because their work schedule has been further decreased simply to appease the governments employment figures.

Its not like Loblaws isn’t making any money. They’ve been posting profit increases for awhile now (,

Maybe the government should be worried about having its people, who want to work at such company’s, have a steady place for them to do so at, that isn’t out to screw them at every corner. They are tax-paying people too! Sure, my simple answer to people who work there and are upset about it, is to leave, but there are a lot of people who actually like working there and/or who can’t simply “leave”. We should be pleased that these people are out there, and wanting/willing to work, yet it seems that that isn’t good enough anymore as long as the company makes a profit.

Robert, this shouldn’t be allowed to happen. There’s people trying to make a living off of the jobs at Loblaws. They are making people work harder and destroying their (home) lives by forcing them to work 2 jobs but not even allowing them that luxury because they are spreading out these mere 24 hours per week over a 7 day span…that’s horrible!

Surely you could look into this. Ask some questions. Bring it up with Jack Layton. This is not improving the country’s employment (figures) at all!


I opened my Last.FM app the other day.  It politely informed me that there was a new version available and asked if I was ready for it to be installed.  This is such a common practice these days that I really didn’t question it at all.  I have always had Last.FM and use it quite often, so I started the install.

When it had finished its update and restarted itself, I was informed that I was now using my “trial” period and that after my trial was over I would have to pay.  WFT??!!  I feel like I have been tricked.  I install an update then all of a sudden I have to pay?  No thanks.

Being a programmer myself I just thought, hey someone screwed up.  Nope!  It was intentional.  I now have to pay to use my Last.FM player!  No!  I uninstalled it.  I’ll get my music from somewhere else thank you.  It was great while it lasted but NO!  I refuse! to charge users for Internet radio service

I deleted my account with them.  The hell with you CBS. Last.FM was bought by CBS apparently…
(see here), 2 years ago. How did I miss that?

It seems that all of the good things about the internet are being commercialized and commodicized (sp??).  It was once a place where you could go and actually have fun doing stuff and discover new things.  Now its just one big encyclopedia and store where you can buy everything from virtual storage to porn to access to online virtual worlds.  In just about all cases you have to pay.  You have to pay to get on the internet to your ISP, you have to (in most cases) pay for the software to allow you to get on the internet and now it seems, more and more that everything you do on the internet you have to pay for too.

No government in Canada eh?

Government….we don’t need no stinkin’ government…

I don’t know what I am more pissed off at, that the minority government got toppled because of corruption charges made public by the Gommery Inquiry or that they got toppled by such a further bunch of idiots who couldn’t govern themselves out of a wet paper bag.

At least with the Liberal government, you knew what you were getting. Oh they were/are corrupt in alot of ways but we know they are. Thats why they didn’t get the vote of confidence by the country and were left to govern in a minority situation. If the people truly trusted them, then they would have been voted in, in a majority. To even fathom the idea of Stephan Harper becoming Prime Minister is enough to make you want to kill yourself. Nobody likes him, everybody hates him. He even looks like a criminal. At least with Paul Martin of the Liberals, you know he has some good business sense about him and based on that, he should be able to run a country. I don’t believe that Stephan Harper has anything similar going for him, not that I know of anyways, or rather not that I care about anyways.

People are trying to justify the toppling of the government by saying that they want a change. I do to, but in saying that, I don’t want to change to Stephan Harper being Prime Minister. I would like to see alot of the old Liberal cronnies kicked out on their fat Liberal asses, but I don’t beleive any of the other parties are able to govern our country. At least with Paul Martin in power, it might be even a little bit feasible to consider that he might get some of these bastards out of politics and thus reduce, or appear to reduce the perceived corruption of the party and its politicians. We all know if Stephan Harper gets in power, he’ll just replace the corrupt Liberal politicians, whom we know about now, with corrupt Conservative politicianswhom we don’t know about yet. Which is worse? Thats the question isn’t it?

I for one am not happy about going to the polls yet again, to vote in yet another minority Liberal government. What a waste of time, money and effort.


Little Red Riding Hood is skipping down the road when she sees the Big Bad Wolf crouched down behind a log.

“My what big eyes you have, Mr. Wolf,” says Little Red Riding Hood.

The surprised wolf jumps up and runs away. Further down the road Little Red Riding Hood sees the wolf again, this time he is crouched behind a tree stump.

“My what big ears you have Mr. Wolf,” says Little Red Riding Hood.

Again the foiled wolf jumps up and runs away. About 2 miles down the road, Little Red Riding Hood sees the wolf again, this time crouched down behind a road sign. “My what big teeth you have Mr. Wolf,” taunts Little Red Riding Hood.

With that the Big Bad Wolf jumps up and screams, ” For Chrissakes!! Will you get lost?! I’m trying to take a dump!”