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Scumbag #Rogers

Was waiting to get the latest update of #Android jellybean when my son sends me the following code/ process to follow to get it. Apparently #Rogers is somehow blocking my #Nexus4 from getting it. WTF! How is this possible #Google? I bought your damn phone so i wouldn’t be blocked from getting such updates.

To get the latest update, go to settings, Apps, All Apps, go down to Google Services Framework, clear data and cache.. Now open phone app and type *#*#2432546#*#* (*#*#CHECKIN#*#*)

I tried this to get v4.3 of Android jellybean as soon as you enter in that code the download of the update begins. You can see this by going to settings, about, system update and you will see it downloading. It will download the update then prompt you to restart the phone. When it starts back up it will install the update. It took about ten minutes to complete.

Now spread the word. Pass on this information to every #Roger’s customer you know, who has an #android phone. This is scumbagery at its finest!

UPDATE – july 29 2013
After performing the commands listed above i discovered that i was now unable to update any installed apps from Google Play. The update would result in a server error. The fix for this was to remove my gmail account and re-add it. Goto settings, scroll down and click on your Google account. Goto the menu for it and remove it. Once removed click the add account, enter in your gmail account credentials. Once verified log back in to Google Play, choose my apps then update. Should update without any problems.

My Election Reform part 1

I had this thought on the way home from work the other day:

Today in Canada nobody really votes anymore, why? Discontent? Apathy? Dis-satisfied with the candidates? Likely all of the above. So here’s my idea of how politicians should be elected, etc.

Starting with the Prime Minister. He/she really has no political power. He is the head of the party and thats it. He represents them as a whole. He speaks for them, he does not make the decisions. He has to be elected into his constituency just like every other MP. He does not get a lavish mansion to live in, nor does he get any special treatment other than what the party gives him. He is not tax-payer paid, other than what he earns being an elected MP (more on that later). When he travels, he represents all three (or more) political parties of the country and speaks for them. They dictate what he is to say and do. They (all of the political parties) as a whole represent Canada, not him alone.

MP’s represent their political party in each of the constituencies of the country. When elected they are directly accountable to the people that elected him. To enforce this, they are paid a flat rate per person that voted for them. If he won his local race with 45% of the people voting for him then his pay is 45% of the total amount available in that area. Anyone can run for this position and if there is no one to run, then a person is chosen from the community in a similar manner as jurors are chosen. There is no money given to help them get elected. All candidates get equal opportunity, there is no campaigning. To facilitate this ALL people over the age of 18 HAS to vote. Criminals do not vote, everyone else must. Voting happens over a 2 week voting period. Election personel goto the voters if necessary. People can vote from anywhere at anytime during that 2 week period. Ballots contain all candidates’ names as well as a “None” option if the voter wishes to not cast a vote for any candidate. Voting for a candidate means that the voter is making his/her tax portion that is set aside for politicians available to that candidate only.

More in part 2…

Cell Phone scam?

Today (June 12, 2012) I received two text messages on my cell phone, from the following numbers: 1-718-679-8931 and 1-718-724-3874, both messages had the following text: “”Congratulations, your number made you Walmart’s winner of the day. Goto http://www.walmart.com.wonacontest.com to claim your prize! You have 24 hours to claim”. I am ALWAYS suspicious of unsolicited text messages, even from my cell carrier, so I came home and started to check this out. I opened a console in linux and pinged http://www.walmart.com.wonacontest.com. I got several successfull replies of:
ping http://www.walmart.com.wonacontest.com
PING http://www.walmart.com.wonacontest.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from cpanel02.offshoreracks.com ( icmp_req=1 ttl=49 time=102 ms
64 bytes from cpanel02.offshoreracks.com ( icmp_req=2 ttl=49 time=104 ms
64 bytes from cpanel02.offshoreracks.com ( icmp_req=3 ttl=49 time=103 ms
64 bytes from cpanel02.offshoreracks.com ( icmp_req=4 ttl=49 time=102 ms
64 bytes from cpanel02.offshoreracks.com ( icmp_req=5 ttl=49 time=101 ms
64 bytes from cpanel02.offshoreracks.com ( icmp_req=6 ttl=49 time=100 ms
64 bytes from cpanel02.offshoreracks.com ( icmp_req=7 ttl=49 time=103 ms
64 bytes from cpanel02.offshoreracks.com ( icmp_req=8 ttl=49 time=101 ms
64 bytes from cpanel02.offshoreracks.com ( icmp_req=9 ttl=49 time=100 ms
[1]+ Stopped ping http://www.walmart.com.wonacontest.com

I then did a whois on that IP address and got the following response:

% Joint Whois - whois.lacnic.net
% This server accepts single ASN, IPv4 or IPv6 queries

% LACNIC resource: whois.lacnic.net

% Copyright LACNIC lacnic.net
% The data below is provided for information purposes
% and to assist persons in obtaining information about or
% related to AS and IP numbers registrations
% By submitting a whois query, you agree to use this data
% only for lawful purposes.
% 2012-06-12 18:46:16 (BRT -03:00)

inetnum: 190.14.36/22
status: allocated
aut-num: N/A
owner: Offshore Racks S.A
ownerid: PA-ORSA2-LACNIC
responsible: Francisco Gonzalez
address: Apdo 0819-07269, ,
address: -- - Panama - PA
country: PA
phone: +507 3173633 []
owner-c: FRG9
tech-c: FRG9
abuse-c: FRG9
inetrev: 190.14.36/22
nsstat: 20120610 AA
nslastaa: 20120610
nsstat: 20120610 AA
nslastaa: 20120610
nsstat: 20120610 AA
nslastaa: 20120610
created: 20110223
changed: 20110223

nic-hdl: FRG9
person: Jorge Miranda
address: 8409 NW 68 ST, ,
address: 33166 - Miami - FL
country: US
phone: +001 305 6472577 []
created: 20110215
changed: 20120402

% whois.lacnic.net accepts only direct match queries.
% Types of queries are: POCs, ownerid, CIDR blocks, IP
% and AS numbers.

After doing this, I attempted another ping but this time I never got a response. I tried a traceroute but it only goes so far before nothing replies:
Hop Hostname IP Time 1 Time 2
7 xe-1-0-1.bx01.mtrl.pq.aliant.net 18.804ms asymm
8 26.160ms asymm
9 bxX5-newyork83_POS9-0-0.net.bell.ca 33.098ms asymm
10 peer-XOCommunications_bx5-newyork83.net.bell.ca 32.407ms asymm
11 32.589ms asymm
12 te-3-0-0.rar3.atlanta-ga.us.xo.net 62.983ms asymm
13 te-4-0-0.rar3.miami-fl.us.xo.net 77.182ms asymm
14 ae0d0.cir1.miami2-fl.us.xo.net 54.436ms asymm
15 56.359ms asymm
16 ge-3-0-0.usa.nam-core02.columbus-networks.com 55.588ms asymm
17 xe-1-0-0.usa.nmi-teracore02.columbus-networks.com 98.002ms asymm
18 ge-6-0-0.usa.nmi-core01.columbus-networks.com 55.906ms asymm
19 ge-2-0-0.usa.pan-pob-edge02.columbus-networks.com 100.304ms asymm
20 105.553ms asymm
21 no reply *
22 no reply *
23 no reply *
24 no reply *
25 no reply *
26 no reply *
27 no reply *
28 no reply *
29 no reply *
30 no reply *
31 no reply *

It doesn’t appear to be associated with Walmart in any way. So my advice to you, if you happen to receive unsolicited text messages from a number unfamiliar to you, that contain a web link, DO NOT click on it! It is some kind of a scam, perpetrated by someone in Panama. BEWARE.

I will be attempting to contact Walmart.com about this.

Back to normal

During our first winter snow storm, I put the truck into 4 wheel drive while I drove around getting things for my wifes birthday. While backing out of a parking lot I heard a loud crunching noise coming from the font axle. I had a scheduled maintenance appointment coming up so I arranged for an appointment a few days later. It turned out the left front axle shaft fell apart. Oh, it was to be covered under warranty thats not my issue.  The problem I have is that it wasn’t able to be fixed that day.
They were great about it all and arranged for and paid for a rental vehicle. Imagine my horror when Enterprise came and picked me up in a Dodge Avenger.  I try to be open minded about things so I accepted it as my rental.
It was a well equipped vehicle, and my wife was looking forward to being in a car again. Me, not so much. It seemed to me to be nothing more than an updated K car. The interior felt like plastic junk. I really didn’t like it.
It wasn’t until tonight when I was out driving with the stereo cranked up loudly, feeling the solid frame of a truck beneath me once again that everything felt like it was back to the way it is supposed to be.
I like my truck.

Train to Halifax

The typical vistas seen on a typical Via Rail train trip, especially through Canada include a green blur of over grown trees and shrubs speeding by at 80 kilometers an hour. You know its early morning but all you can see is green. Then without warning there is a break in the green blur and you are blessed with a view of the gently flowing Matepedia river out one side of the train and the Trans Canada highway out the other. A mist rising over the trees, some gentle white caps seen in the river and motorized canoes.
As it seems like the train tracks are playing with the river, switching from one side to the other it hits you in the face so hard it blinds you. The sun peeks through the mist shining down on the mist covered sleepy little town and its one major intersection…with the train. Its then that you start to appreciate all that this great country has to offer and with a sleepy coo coming from my best girl as she snuggles up to my shoulder, i ponder. What a great way to celebrate 26 years together.

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Its crazy

I just tried something tonight that kinda blew me away although I know I really shouldn’t be surprised.  I have had, for awhile now, my own media server, from which I listen to my “legally ripped music” (from my purchased CD’s), etc.  Typically the only device that I own that could access it was my son’s PS3.  That has now changed.  And I am amazed.

The uPnp (media) server that I am currently using is called MediaTomb running on my Ubuntu PC. It was easy enough to set up and to utilize all of my media.  But that all pales in comparison to being able to access all of my media from my Android powered cell phone!

I know, I know you hear about it all the time but this I did myself…and it amazes me. And its cool!  I sense an Android app that I might be interested in looking into further…

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