Mr. Magoo

Mr. Magoo, Mr. Magoo, what do you do?

I have been slow to realize, that as you age your attention span as well as your tolerance for the inane, diminish. Greatly!  I have succumbed to this.

Mr. Magoo was regaling us with his old war stories of his youth of which he couldn’t be any further from and I can almost confirm, since I’ve heard them all before that he remembers them differently each time he decides to share. The unfortunate thing now is that even though the conversation was not directed at me I found myself going cross-eyed just listening to it. His voice goes mono tone and he somehow is able to expel it all without any shred of variance. No change. No rest. No excitement, just full on, absolute live action boredom.

I don’t consider myself a rude person but this conversation had to be interrupted. There is no conversation going on though because if you try to interject your opinion he doesn’t hear  you. He needs hearing aids and doesn’t have them in! He can’t hear any of your attempts to change topic or anything!

I ended up resorting to allowing technology to force the interruption. I asked someone to call my better half. She was being polite. Nodding her head but she needed rescuing. My plan worked out well. She left to talk on the phone, I left to take care of some business then things were once again right with the world.


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