Tooth-Brushin’ Man

I work in a building with 20 or so floors, we’re on the 5th. Everyday, at the exact same time and even multiple times throughout the day, some guy, from some other floor, wanders up/down to the 5th floor just to brush his teeth.

I don’t know why he does this.  Is he afraid that the people on his floor are going to see him and think him weird and he doesn’t want that impression to take hold, because they might be coworkers so he comes down to the 5th?

I think he’s weird.  Not just because he brushes his teeth multiple times during the work day but that each time he spends at least ten minutes doing it.  Then, when he is done, he takes some paper towel and dries his tooth brush thoroughly.  He must go through tooth brushes on a weekly basis.

Is he afraid of his teeth not being their whitest?  Is he afraid his breath might not be the freshest?

Everyone in our office has noticed him.  We all wonder from what floor he originates from.  There was talk of creating a CIA type of spy device that we could secretly attach to him so that we could track where he goes.  We all speculate that he must be married to a dentist or is often criticized for having smelly breath or funny-coloured teeth.


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