Halifax Garbage collection, my views

Here in Halifax, some new garbage handling proposals have been made (see details here: http://www.halifax.ca/recycle/contact.php).


It is my understanding that because it has been determined that we are filling up our garbage dump too quickly that we must reduce the amount of garbage that we put in to it. It has been decided that to do this, we must: Create a garbage police; make them enforce clear bags usage only; only accept 4 bags per every two weeks (currently it is 6); Make people recycle more, by: Removing full access to what can go into the green cart; make people buy paper bags for recycling yard waste; not accept grass clippings and box board (in green cart, that they want to take away?);

The only way to help with the amount of garbage put into the dump is through education, using communication means that are acceptable in this day and age (ie through social media, perhaps…). By knowing what products are readily available in this area and what is and isn’t recyclable and by letting people know this, is what can and will help reduce the intake at the garbage dump, NOT by enforcing reduced limits.

Here is a letter I sent to my municipal councillor Gloiria McClusky (mcclusg@halifax.ca, @DartmouthG)

My name is Xxxx Xxxxxx, I live on Xxxxxxx Ave, in your district. I have been reading up on the proposed (approved?) amendment to our garbage collection. If the idea was to reduce the amount of, or how quickly we fill up our garbage facilities, I believe this new by-law will fail to make any significant difference, but on a positive note, here is what it will accomplish:

– It will make our garbage handling people the new “garbage police”

– Clear bags will make the “garbage police’s” job much easier

– reducing the number of garbage bags that people can put out will only make the “garbage police’s” job easier, less work.

– removing grass/yard clippings from being allowed in the green bin will only frustrate and infuriate people who have no other means to deal with such things.

– Removing the green carts all together and make people pay for paper bags who btw may be on a fixed income to accommodate such items will only make people angry at people like you for allowing such ideas!

I am very frustrated by these ideas. I for one don’t want a garbage man to determine what I should or shouldn’t be putting out to the garbage. I pay to have my garbage picked up. I paid for those damn green bins, i pay for them to be picked up. What more do you want out of me? Maybe the people involved here should have their annual pay increases dealt with in instead of making the people whom they supposedly represent, pay for this stupidity.

If the garbage facilities are filling up too quickly then what needs to happen in more education on how to recycle. Allow more items to be recycled. Educate based on what products are available in this area. If you can goto the grocery store and find a product whose packaging is not allowed to be recycled, then you need to tell people about it. You need to show them what can and can’t be recycled. The more people know about what can be recycled, the more they will recycle.

Education is the key here, not the removal of, and the policing of our garbage/recycling programs. The use of social media will help with education. Something must be done here, this is not acceptable.

Please acknowledge receipt of this email within the next 3 days, so I know my views have been heard by you. It is important to me to know this.


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