Time for a reset

Here in the industrialized world, I think we need a reset. I think the industrial revolution has run its course.  Time to start over. The reason I think this is, because everything that just about every company in the world does is detrimental to the world and to every person on it.
They have consumed resources and destroyed life preserving water. All of the food processed for human consumption is bad for us. It’s loaded with chemicals and/or salt and/or whatever. Natural food, is no longer.
Everything “made” for us, ultimately is bad for us. We have changed the world, moving rivers and lakes for our own greed. Everything done is done only for the money.
Not too often anymore do you hear of a product or service that is only done to help someone else out. Money is the primary driver for everything everyone does. We sit back and recycle a few pieces of cardboard and think we’re saving the world.
Something has to change while we have something to preserve. We need to evolve. We need all companies in the world to change. We need to stop doing what we’re doing, we need to reset.


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