Scumbag #Rogers

Was waiting to get the latest update of #Android jellybean when my son sends me the following code/ process to follow to get it. Apparently #Rogers is somehow blocking my #Nexus4 from getting it. WTF! How is this possible #Google? I bought your damn phone so i wouldn’t be blocked from getting such updates.

To get the latest update, go to settings, Apps, All Apps, go down to Google Services Framework, clear data and cache.. Now open phone app and type *#*#2432546#*#* (*#*#CHECKIN#*#*)

I tried this to get v4.3 of Android jellybean as soon as you enter in that code the download of the update begins. You can see this by going to settings, about, system update and you will see it downloading. It will download the update then prompt you to restart the phone. When it starts back up it will install the update. It took about ten minutes to complete.

Now spread the word. Pass on this information to every #Roger’s customer you know, who has an #android phone. This is scumbagery at its finest!

UPDATE – july 29 2013
After performing the commands listed above i discovered that i was now unable to update any installed apps from Google Play. The update would result in a server error. The fix for this was to remove my gmail account and re-add it. Goto settings, scroll down and click on your Google account. Goto the menu for it and remove it. Once removed click the add account, enter in your gmail account credentials. Once verified log back in to Google Play, choose my apps then update. Should update without any problems.


3 Responses to “Scumbag #Rogers”

  1. samsunggalaxywp Says:

    Reblogged this on Samsung Galaxy and commented:
    Don’t forget Max Battery Booster:

  2. Paul Graham Says:

    So I’ll assume this will not work on my Nexus 7 tablet.

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