My problem with #Ford

** UPDATE Aug 1, 2012 **

I have been so disgusted about the unprofessional-ism demonstrated by @Ford and #Fairley&Stevens of #Dartmouth #NovaScotia that I began tweeting of my disgust (@DooohHead). Well, I have to give them some credit, for, they have actually reached out to me. On several occasions I have been contacted by a #Ford employee via Twitter. I gave him some info and he was slow to begin to do anything about what I was complaining about, but now seems to be a little more attentive. And I have now been called by 2 different people from #FordCanada. Alex from #FordCanada called and left a message on my cell phone. For some reason that day at work I was in a meeting when he called, otherwise I would have answered it. Then some other lady called (Sorry I don’t remember her name). We had a civil conversation whereby her only solution to my problem, even though she says she understood my frustration was to take time out of my busy work day to spend with the #Ford Service tech so that I can help him diagnose the problem with my car. I don’t think they understand how ridiculous that is? You, bring your car to me to fix because I am the professional service tech from Ford, but you will be required to help me diagnose the problem with it…HUH? I am going to run that by the QA people who work with me on our project, when they report a bug. I will tell them, that before I start working on their bug, it is up to them to figure out what is wrong, then I will just fix the code. That’s the way it works, isn’t it? NO!

So @FordCanada, this is what I expect when and if I ever take my back car to you: 1 – I am NOT a car service technician. I do not know how a transmission works, nor do I care. I am not inexperienced with vehicle repair but it is NOT my profession. Act accordingly. If I say that the transmission isn’t shifting right between the 2nd & 3rd gears, then that means that you need to test all gears in all possible ways and situations because I don’t know SHIT about transmissions; 2 – You need to use all of the tools at your disposal to diagnose any “problems” and do not expect me to pay for you to use such tools (ie hooking it up to the computer!). Its your job to perform your job as professional as possible. If you have an advanced tool that will diagnose transmission (anything) problems, fricken use it for your own benefit and do not expect me to pay for it. Thats what professionals do; 3 – Time is money, as you know and as you are quick to inform me how valuable your transmission service tech’s time is, and how happy I should have been to have had him offer his $35/hr (or whatever) time to sit in the car with and have me drive it to help him diagnose my transmission problems but I hate to tell you what my time is worth to my company. I had to take 2 extra hours of my home-time to cover the work-time that I missed just so I could drop my car off at #Fairley&Stevens and for you to suggest that I should leave work early, after already getting there late, just so I could be there in time before when your transmission tech goes home (4:00) so I can sit in the car with him and help him diagnose the problems with my transmission, is retarded.

Additional Info you might require: 1 – I bought the car second-hand. I do not know its service history but I am confident that it was a dealerships “demo car”, so it likely had the piss driven out of it. All I want is a clean slate with it. You guys know the history of this vehicle and/or can find out exactly but refuse to tell me, and thats fine. I noticed that there is something wrong with the transmission, I report that to you, and that it “should” be covered under #Ford’s “60,000 Km drive-train warranty” and you inform me that there is nothing wrong with it, when there clearly is. I want a professional #FordServiceTech to look at it and fix it. Thats all. If #Fairley&Stevens won’t do #Ford warranty work, then please inform me of another local dealership that will and I will take it there; 2 – The transmission is getting worse. Lets hope something gets done about this before it actually falls out of the car. Do you think it then might be worthy of some work? Probably not. Then it will be all my fault for not taking it somewhere to have it fixed…lol Sad.

July 6, 2012
I recently replaced my 2009 #Ford #Explorer #Sporttrac, that I bought brand new from the #Ford dealership #Fairley&Stevens located here in #Dartmouth #NovaScotia with a second-hand 2011 #Ford #Fusion. It was possibly one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made with regardes to purchasing a vehicle in my life so far. Oh its not that the #Ford #Fusion is a bad car, it isn’t. It was one of the only cars that I might have actually considering replacing my #SportTrac with. And I did but I gave up too much in doing so.

When I bought my #SportTrac, which was the most expensive vehicle I have ever owned, we opted to secure our purchase by buying into ALL of the dealer provided “extra” warranties. We got the tire warranty, roadside assistance, the rust protection, and especially the Extended warranty. This was great. They would contact me and say “There is some warranty work that needs to be done”, I would bring it in, they would do EVERYTHING without asking me a question then when I pick it up, the single best thing in the world to hear is that it would have cost me $XXX.XX but because we have the extended warranty you pay ZERO. There is no better feeling than that. It makes you feel special.

Now forward to today, with my new #Ford #Fusion. No extended warranty but it does have the “60,000 km power-train warranty”, which really means you have sweet-shit-all. Why you ask? You think that if there is any issue with anything considered to be contained under this “power-train warranty” that you are covered, right? WRONG! But you ask, are under that 60,000 km level? Why yes, by a far margine too I might add. It only has 24K km’s on it. So whats the problem you ask? This is my problem.

While driving it and noticing odd behavior with the tramission shifting I decided to alter my normal work day and make an appointment with the tramission specialist at #Fairley&Stevens, a suppossed professional and take it in to have it looked at. With that all done, I dropped the car off shortly after 8 am, took their shuttle service to work and was finally sitting at my desk by 9, losing 1 hour of work so far. At around 10:30 the service person called me and said that the “technician” took my car for a roadtest and determined that there is nothing wrong with it. I was very surprised to say the least. I was expecting them to say the transmission is toast, we have to replace it, we will arrange for a loaner. Instead I got, “there is nothing wrong with it and the best part, there is no cost to you!!” I relayed how disappointent I was at this outcome and told her I felt that there is something wrong with the way the transmission shifts, so she tells me that the technician is available to go for a test drive with me if I were to show up before 4pm when he is finished for the day. So, let me get this straight. I have to lose, minimum 2 hours of my work day so I can help this suppossed professional diagnose the problems with my transmission? This is why I took it to #Ford in the first place! Its their product! Who else could/should be able to diagnose a problem with it than them!?

When I finally went and picked it up, I told the service person how upset I was that he found nothing. Her only reply was that I should have taken advantage of her (HIS) offer of going for a test drive with him so that I can tell him what he should be able to determine himself. Is this the kind of professionalism available at #Ford dealerships? Or is it just at #Fairley&Stevens in #Dartmouth #NovaScotia?

I feel that all he did, for the 60-80 kms that he drove it for, was to go pick up some coffee and donuts for the crew and possibly deliver some mail. Thats about it. And what really ticks me off is that if I had had the “Extended Warranty”, he would have hooked that thing up to the computer (I’m sure a 5 minute job) and it would tell him that the actual “shift-points” as he documented in my work order, were and that they weren’t all right, but in fact were wrong. I am quite confident of that. “Oh but hooking it up to the computer would have entailed a charge upon you for us to do that!?” That unto itself is disgusting when you think about it. A tool (the computer), which makes THEIR job easier, costs me for them to use…WTF? I don’t care what tools they use to diagnose a problem. I don’t care what wrenches they have? Or screwdrivers? Why do I have to pay for them to hook it up to something that is going to 100% determine what is exactly going on with the vehicle and makes their job easier? Maybe I should pay extra for them to use gold-plated wrenches? Its crazy. This is why I say professionalism is gone at #Fairley&Stevens and at #Ford in general.

I took my car there for them, being the “professionals” when it comes to all things “#Ford”, but instead I got treated to such unprofessionalism that I am now relegated to having to take my #Ford #Fusion to a #Toyota dealership, where apparently they are professionals to have my transmission looked at. You can’t imagine the elation I felt when I got rid of my #Pontiac and replaced it with my #Ford #Explorer #SportTrac. I felt good about #Ford then, but not any more. #Fairley&Stevens have eroded my trust in #Ford and quite possibly all North American-made vehicles. Going to start looking for a nice #BMW or a #Lexus perhaps. Anyone want to buy a 2011 #Ford #Fusion? Hardly used, transmission in perfect condition. Let me know.


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