To the big smoke

It was a wonderfull evening outside as I drove to the Halifax airport. As usual my arrival there was at least an hour before my flight was scheduled for takeoff. I said my goodbyes and went inside. There was no lineup at the Air Canada checkin desk, so I checked my one bag, got my boarding pass and headed to the security screening area. They had me stand on a rubber mat then told me which line I was to join. What the hell was that? Were they weighing me to determine the “fat” line to goto? Strange. So I gt to the desk and remove my coat and wallet from my pants pocket. I brought my work laptop with me so apparently I had to take it out of its suit case. Don’t know why, they didn’t ask me to turn it on or anything. So I go through the metal detector. It goes off! My belt buckle. Have to take that off and go through again, this time cleanly. So there I am hqving to get all dressed again, or rather thats what it felt like. Put my belt back on, put the laptop back in to its case, wallet back into my pocket and put my coat back on, what an ordeal!
So I go up to the boarding area anr locate my gate. It was right at the top of the escalater. I look around and see the Tim Hortons. De was talking about the sandwichs there so I decided to have one. After I finish that I locate a seat near my gate and sit down. One hour to go before the plane is scheduledbto depart. Damn.
I connect to the local wifi and check out some Twitter action. 50 minutes to go before departure.
I start playing a game on my phone. Boring. Just sittin there watching people coming and going.  All of a sudden people are coming out of the gate. The plane is here already! 30 minutes to go until departure.
Finally the first call for embarking is called, people requiring assistance and people flying executive class. Same thing I guess. Lol They then call for people seated in rows 21 or higher. I am in row 26, i’m up! Well not really because thats when everyone else decided that meant that the general call for everyone was then so I got to stand in line for a long time.  So I finally made it to my seat after stowing the laptop and my coat up above. We then sat there for ovet 45 minutes while suppossed maintenance was being done. I looked at my phone as we were finally taxiing down the runway, it was 20:01. The flight was suppossed to take off at 19:15.
Watching the lightening flashes in the clouds below us while over Ajax. A very awesome sight to see.


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