Health Kick

For those of you that don’t know, nor are around me with any kind of frequency, I have been on a bit of a health kick as of late. Well since December of 2010, now. A friend of mine started using an Android app called RunKeeper which he was using to track the running that he was doing while training for various marathons that he participated in. I checked it out and there were settings for it, for walking (as well as other activities) so I decided to start using it on my phone. See, here at work, several of us (sometimes just me) try to get out at lunch time for a small walk around the block. This app allows me to keep track of the walks I was doing and along with the online web site, you can see how well you’ve been doing. I think this has been a bit of a motivator for me for continuing to walk.

Since Dec of 2010, according to my profile at I have had 177 walking activities, have walked 700 KM’s (as of Aug 18, 2011), and have burned 83,608 calories. Along with watching what I eat and eating reduced portions, I have lost 25+ lbs so far.

I have set several goals for myself with regards to the exercising I’m doing. During the early part of 2011, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure so my doctor gave me a new prescription for another pill that, he said, I will “have to take for the rest of my life”. I told him I didn’t like that idea and made him agree to, that if I can lose 50 lbs, he will allow me to attempt to go off those pills and see if my blood pressure stays normal.

That is my first, intermediate goal, to get off those pills. I hate taking pills. My second, perhaps more ambitious goal is to be able to run again. With being so overweight, the idea of running just hurts the ol’ knees, and I miss being able to run. So I want to run again. My official goal is to be able to run by the time i’m 50. I’m 48 this year, I have under 2 years to accomplish that. My secondary second goal, according to a friend of mine, is to run a marathon with him. Right now that’s the furthest thing from my mind, but the more training I do seems to bring it more to the forefront of an actual accomplishment I may want to attain.

So, I guess, officially I am in training. Doing some interval walking/running (walk for 10 minutes, run for 1 minute) right now as a means of losing more weight. I am hoping by the end of this year (December-ish), I will be able to run for some distance (longer than 1 minute). Wish me luck!

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  1. LOTGK Says:

    Good luck on your health kick and running that marathon.

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