A Followup to my previous message

My previous message was an attempt at getting some assistance in dealing with what I though was a terrible sequence of events that my wife was having to endure.

Well to follow up on that message, my local MP, Robert Chisolm never did respond to my email. I guess he’s much too big of a fish to have to deal with a lowly person like me. He had no problems dealing with me and actually being very responsive BEFORE he was elected. Now that he has been elected, he no longer “needs” me, I guess.

Fine. I guess thats the attempt at a moral for this story. Leave it and just move on, which is exactly what my wife has done. She no longer works for Loblaws and the border that is living in our basement is trying to secure other employment as well. She worked for Loblaws as well.

As for Robert Chisolm, I may be moving on from him as well.


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