My latest cause

Below is an email I sent to my MP regarding the treatment of employees at Loblaws (Superstore here in Atlantic Canada) stores.

Hi Robert,

Congratulations on your win of the seat in Dartmouth. It is my hope that now things can actually get done, so lets get started…

Why is it okay for the government to simply bolster their unemployment/employment figures on the backs of hard working and reliable, existing employees?

It has come to my attention that Loblaws (Superstore here in Atlantic Canada) has entered into a deal with the government of Canada (Stephen Harper?) to increase employment figures by restricting the already restricted “part time” employees to no more than 24-28 hours per week spread out over 6-7 days and to (supposedly) hire more employees. These “existing” employees are hard working and reliable people who depend on a minimal (to say the least) paycheck to survive. These are Mothers and fathers, even grandparents, whose lively hood is now put into jeopardy because their work schedule has been further decreased simply to appease the governments employment figures.

Its not like Loblaws isn’t making any money. They’ve been posting profit increases for awhile now (,

Maybe the government should be worried about having its people, who want to work at such company’s, have a steady place for them to do so at, that isn’t out to screw them at every corner. They are tax-paying people too! Sure, my simple answer to people who work there and are upset about it, is to leave, but there are a lot of people who actually like working there and/or who can’t simply “leave”. We should be pleased that these people are out there, and wanting/willing to work, yet it seems that that isn’t good enough anymore as long as the company makes a profit.

Robert, this shouldn’t be allowed to happen. There’s people trying to make a living off of the jobs at Loblaws. They are making people work harder and destroying their (home) lives by forcing them to work 2 jobs but not even allowing them that luxury because they are spreading out these mere 24 hours per week over a 7 day span…that’s horrible!

Surely you could look into this. Ask some questions. Bring it up with Jack Layton. This is not improving the country’s employment (figures) at all!


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