Eastlink to implement UBB

I recently found out that Eastlink (our local Internet Service Provider) is going to be implementing Usage Base Billing (UBB). Link to Eastlink UBB FAQ page

Below is a letter that I wrote and sent to the President of Eastlink, Deborah Shaffner:
Dear Mrs/Ms/Miss Shaffner,

I am VERY disappointed to hear that Eastlink is going to be implementing Usage Based Billing (UBB), or already has.

I have been a fairly long standing and loyal customer and even now have partaken in one of your "bundle" offerings, but I will seriously reconsider my loyalty to Eastlink if I ever get a bill indicating that I've somehow gone over my monthly allotment, whatever that may actually be. The whole idea of UBB just disgusts me, and anyone who supports its adoption, I want nothing to do with.

I use my computer for both work and for private use, as well a streaming movies (via Netflix, etc) and lots of online gaming. I can only anticipate a situation where we are no longer associated.

In my humble opinion, I see no reason why Eastlink can't just install the necessary infrastructure to handle the anticipated increase of usage on your network and just suck up the cost and NOT pass that along to your loyal customers. Ya so maybe your investors will have to make a slightly lower amount of profit the year you do this, I am sure THEY will survive. Me on the other hand, I will simply find some other provider, who, will likely also be implementing UBB, but it won't be Eastlink.

I seriously urge you to reconsider this.


No sooner had I hit the send button on the online form for submitting my email I got a personalized reply back from them. Even before I could finish reading the email, my phone rang and it was Ashley calling from Eastlink on behalf of the President. We checked out what offerring I actually have (Extreme 15, going to be increased to Extreme 20) and was told that UBB does not apply to those packages. The Extreme 40 and the Extreme 100 packages will be subjected to the constraints of UBB.
What I don’t understand, technically, is how can a UBB solution be implemented on a network (as in Eastlink’s network) and the (potential) restrictions of UBB be applied to, or rather tracked, for just the Extreme 40 and 100 packages? Granted, I won’t get a bill indicating (or I better not!) that I have gone over my limit, according to what Ashley has told me, but I can’t see how my connection is NOT going to be restrained by UBB as the other offerings suppossedly will be. Its all just copper wire. Ok they will know who’s account will or won’t be charged any extra because of UBB, but their networking is still going to be restricting all wires, won’t it?


4 Responses to “Eastlink to implement UBB”

  1. LOTGK Says:

    I have seen where phone companies are now putting caps on data usage on their so called unlimited plans. As the world gravitates to the new technology, companies are looking for ways to charge the customer more money.

    I always wondered why the CD cost $5 dollars more than the vinyl record. Because they can charge more.

  2. C. Westwood Says:

    Gotta give them some credit for answering your email so quick at least. Nice to know that your complaint was read and that they took the time to contact you about it. Not all companies would care enough to do that. Every company has issues, but I think that is worth something.

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