Its crazy

I just tried something tonight that kinda blew me away although I know I really shouldn’t be surprised.  I have had, for awhile now, my own media server, from which I listen to my “legally ripped music” (from my purchased CD’s), etc.  Typically the only device that I own that could access it was my son’s PS3.  That has now changed.  And I am amazed.

The uPnp (media) server that I am currently using is called MediaTomb running on my Ubuntu PC. It was easy enough to set up and to utilize all of my media.  But that all pales in comparison to being able to access all of my media from my Android powered cell phone!

I know, I know you hear about it all the time but this I did myself…and it amazes me. And its cool!  I sense an Android app that I might be interested in looking into further…

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