Went out for wings last night to our favorite bar. We did what we normally do, order lots of wings and eat them but we hardly ever finish them all. Now on wing night you’re not supposed to be able to “take the wings out” but we are almost regulars there, or rather we used to be so they usually give us a container to take what is left, home. And thats what we did last night.
So this morning when I got up my son was all excited “Oh I left the wings for you to take for lunch”. Unfortunately I have been on a diet this week (lost 4 pounds so far!) so I have been taking salad for lunch. It was a little strange that he kept insisting that I look at what he left me in the container containing the wings. I quickly opened it up and saw part of a wing there with a tiny bit of meat on it. I chuckled and tossed it into the garbage. Har Har Har…funny…no wings for me. The extent that he thought he tricked me was totally lost on me until he sent me this pic and told me he had put the wings into a plastic bag for me to bring for lunch, which he hid, and that at the time he sent this to me, he was eating. So har har har, no wings for me…again. Trolled.

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One Response to “Trolled”

  1. LOTGK Says:

    You should be proud. You raised him well.

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