Role reversal

I have witnessed a (doggie) role reversal here at home. I find it kinda intetesting. We have two dogs here, brother and sister. Cloe was the runt of the litter so that made Rollie the alpha dog. It has been that way for over 15 years. Well now Rollie has some inner ear problems so he’s not quite as active as he once was. Before he had to be the first one to eat and the first one to  be let outside. Now Cloe is the first for everything. It seems like her behavior changed right away. She has become more agressive than she ever was when it comes to attention getting  and doing things first and is just being bossy now.

Its even more strange to see Rollie so complacent about it all. For a few days he wasn’t eating very much. At the time he was in a constant state of dizzy. His eyes looked like they were twitching. When he did eat he would just throw it up. He’s been taking Benadryl and medication and is getting better. He will never be the same again according to the vet. His head leans to the left and he sometimes falls down but we do see improvements in him everyday.

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