From my phone

Okay, after bitching about my smartphone in my last post i figured i should at least attempt a blog post from my smartphone before i dismiss its function.
The main problem that i’m experiencing with it so far is that i can’t keep up with the words i’m coming up with in my brain as far as typing goes.  Typing is just slower.
Editing is also a big pain in the butt.  Any typos, though fixable is not a simple and quick process to complete.  Plus you can only see two lines of text at any point, so the idea of reading over your entry to see if the paragraphs flow well etc, can’t be done.
Okay, i discovered you can close the keyboard and see more than just two lines of text.  I guess its just a matter of figuring out how it all works.
In conclusion i have to admit its “doable” to write a blog entry from my smartphone, but you need to be very patient and take your time, otherwise you may end up trying to correct alot of typos etc and spelling mistakes.


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