Twitter, LinkedIn, the book of Face, to blog and new gadgets

I was laying in bed, reading, in paper form, the latest #Wired magazine that gets delivered to me every month. One of the first little blurbs of information that I read was a note saying that #Wordpress has informed all of their users to try to blog every day in 2011. Ha! Do they see the writing on the wall for blogging? Is blogging on its way out being subverted by the likes of #Twitter, #LinkedIn and the book of Face all in conjunction with #smartphones? I’d hate to see that. I like to blog but it seems that there is just too much information to keep up with at work, and at home even though all of the ever present gadgets that we all crave only seem to add to the list of things that need to be attended to not made easier by their existence. If #smartphones are so smart, why can’t they blog for me? If #Twitter is so “tuned in to the ever present ideals of the populace using it” then why do I still need to read the newspaper every day?

We all seem to get sucked into the vortex of ever-newer gadgets and technology and futuristic processes that, though they all peak the curious among us, never allows us the freedom that they supposedly, or should represent. I installed the #Wordpress #Android app on my #smartphone. Its only use to me right now is the idea that I “could” blog using it from my phone. Have you ever tried to type anything on a phone, whether its smart or not? Its painful. Oh ya I could get a #Bluetooth keyboard, pair it up with my phone and type to my hearts content but if I am going to go through all that bother, I might as well be at home typing on my PC’s keyboard in a nice comfy chair. “Blogging” from a #smartphone is nothing more than #tweeting, at least thats about all I could stand to do of it.

Christmas yielded me some always-wanted computer hardware. I have a “server” sitting there with 2 hard disks in it, one is 140Gb and the other is 60Gb, fairly inadequate for what I want to do with the server. The 2 drives I received were 1 TB externals. One was obtained at a very reasonable price, the other, reasonable unto itself was alot more expensive than the other. I decided I would return the expensive one and then use the proceeds from that to purchase even cheaper 1Tb internal drives for my server. That of course warranted the 45 minute wait in BestBuys’ “returns” lineup, which was followed by several days worth of phone calls to the online retailer to get the price for the product that I wanted and to have it processed and delivered. This will then be followed by what my ultimate goal of wanting/getting these new drives for my server: To do a fresh install of Ubuntu v10.10 Server so that I can learn how to manage a freakin Linux server. This all falls into my grand plan so that I can assume some of the responsibility of some of the Linux servers at work and to know how to actually do stuff on them without a nice pretty GUI.

I’ve gotten my hands on a Ubuntu v10.10 Server install book that I’m hoping will guide me on my way to setting up my server. Unfortunately for me knowing how to do something on Linux is only part of what I need to accomplish, its the concepts behind what I need to accomplish that I really need to know for work. All this activity simply translates, for me, to be Step 1 in a long list of activities that I need to perform/learn just so that my company has a chance of surviving past Feb 2011. Time is against me (and everyone else at work) but as “was” the company motto: “What could possibly go wrong?”


2 Responses to “Twitter, LinkedIn, the book of Face, to blog and new gadgets”

  1. LOTGK Says:

    I see the art og blogging dying a slow death within the next several years. I also see facebook going the way of Myspace did. Another “Next big thing” will come our way and the leap frog to that platform, app, or media will take hold.

  2. dooohhead Says:

    I’m afraid Patrick that there is a $5 Billion Facebook valuation that might disagree with your assessment of their longevity. lol
    Besides, they know too much about everyone. No one could ever think of trying to force the issue. “They’re too big to fail” – Doooh…lol

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