Ubuntu One Roulette – meme

For those of you familiar with Ubuntu and the new online Ubuntu One music store available through RhythmBox I got to playing around with it last night (this morning…whatever).

I performed an Artist search for “Tom Jones”. It returned some number of “hits” none of which were “Tom Jones”. So what I started doing was scrolling through the results, page after page. Whenever a sample of a song that I previously chose to listen to, ended, I would click on the current album that my mouse was hovering over at the time, then select a sample track from that album then go back to my search results and continue going through the results, repeating until I ran out of result pages to go through.

The type of music that I got to listen to was so diverse. It was really kind of fun. Since Ubuntu One isn’t the “Apple Music Store” alot of the albums that they have are not really current or even in the slightest mainstream in any way shape or form, nor popular necessarily, so you never really know the type of music you are about to sample from, nor if the artist is any good. In my little sample I listened to techno, rap, old 50’s music, show tunes, 70’s disco and even 80’s heavy metal. All having some similarities to either “Tom” or “Jones” in some way or another. I even got to sample music by Shirley Jones (Partridge Family).

You can try this in your own favourite online music store. Perform some kind of a search that yields a significant number of results for which you have to page through, choose a random album, then choose a random song to sample then go back to the search results while the songs plays and whatever album your mouse is over when the sample song finishes playing, open it up and choose another song. If your music store is half as quirky as Ubuntu One’s is then you should have some enjoyable time listening to a mixture of music style and genre.

Apparently I wasted far too much time doing this…(another late night!)
Vacation Photo:
In South Beach, Miami Florida
On our way to South Beach, at the Royal Palm Hotel


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