Stupid shit

I remember when I was a young teenager (waaaaay way back in the olden days…) we used to do stupid shit. Out late at night, walking home after doing some drinking (never did we ever think about driving) but one of the things I can say is that as far as I remember, we never caused any physical damage to anything or anyone, only to ourselves.

I remember an incident when I was camping with my brother-in-law and his wife. We had left the campsite to go into the local town to buy some steaks for dinner. When we came back someone had snuck into their tent and took two sleeping bags. I remember my brother-in-law being so pissed that we walked the entire campground looking for them each of us carrying a hatchet in case we found them. We were just so furious about it we felt like we could have killed. Luckily we never found them.

I woke up this morning and some punk-ass piece of shit decided that he just had to have my Canadian flag. The dumb piece of shit didn’t even have the brains to realize that the pole just slide out of the bracket holding it up. He broke it and twisted it until the pole just gave away. So all I have left is the bracket, all twisted with part of the pole left in it.

Now its not that it was overly expensive, or priceless in any way, but what really pisses me off about it is that its probably laying in someone’s front yard as a stupid memento of some punk-ass piece of shit’s night out.

Stupid shit.


One Response to “Stupid shit”

  1. Debbie Says:

    We never thought about driving because nobody had a car.

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