Impatient Music

I have, in my new Ford Explorer Sport Trac, one of the nicest stereo systems I think I’ve ever had, in a vehicle. 6 Speakers w/sub, AM/FM/Sat radio, 6 CD player and a USB port with a 16 Gb thumb drive attached loaded with MP3’s. The sat radio is nearing its 6 month free trial so I have been trying to find something about it that I actually like. I’ve found a few stations but what annoys me about them is that they’re not local and I end up hearing about stuff happening in some far away place that I have absolutely no interest in hearing about. Local radio is sometimes even more annoying because its laden with commercials and “station identification” crap.

I’ve been noticing that I’m becoming very impatient with the music I listen to. Previously when I lived far away from work, I had over an hours drive in to work, in which time I could listen to the radio and know that I have an hour to waste and was more than happy to listen to whatever came on. Sometimes I would put in a CD and know that I have enough time to listen to the entire thing. Not any more. I live 5 minutes from work now, if I drive, so if I have to waste that time listening to commercials or station identification crap then I feel like I have lost out on something. Like I missed something better on another station, or that my time has been lost when I could have been listening to something else. This is all now compounded by the fact that I like the in-truck stereo very much.

So, I have loaded my thumb drive with all of my favourite music. Music I have been listening to, and enjoying since I was a teenager. Now alot of that music is not enough anymore! And it all sounds so good in the truck too! I find myself skipping through music that I know I enjoy but I feel like there is another track somewhere that is better. I’m feeling like I’m in too much of a hurry all of the time. Alot of short 5 minutes trips here, or there just isn’t satisfying my music-urge. I need to resurrect my in-home stereo and my wireless headphones. I need more music in my day.


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