Mike Rowe – Dirty jobs

I don’t know what it is about this guy, but I just couldn’t stop listening to this video of him. Its not from his show ‘Dirty Jobs’, but its him doing a talk at some conference about his experiences with the show.

Its a pretty long clip (20 mins) but its one that you can just listen to in the background as you continue to work or do other things on your computer. Its worth listening to. Its a little surprising to hear how articulate he is especially considering his show. What I really liked about it, and its an idea that I believe in as well, is how he expresses how he is relearning what he thought he already knew. Or rather the idea that you never really stop learning but that you have to be open to accept new information about stuff that you thought you already knew. Have an open mind. I also liked some of his ideas on a work ethic and where the idea of jobs are going, or where we’re lacking. Maybe he should run for some kind of political office.


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