My wife and son and I went to see the movie Avatar today. It wasn’t the Imax version. I can only imagine how good that would be to see but the simple 3D version was amazing.

It started out showing and in most cases highlighting the 3D technology but that quickly got lost in and became the status-quo that was the imagery and the story that you are presented with. It was a solid 2.5+ hours long and I hadn’t even noticed the throbbing pain coming from my legs for sitting absolutely on the edge of my seat for so long, until it was over. I was totally immersed in this new world of Pandora that once it was over, I wanted more. I didn’t want it to end. I just can’t say enough about it. How amazing it was.

But having said all that I hope that they don’t destroy it. I would like nothing better than for it to be the only movie. I would like to be able to watch this movie, from the confines of my own home, in 3D and enjoy it just as it is today. I don’t want it to become so lame as to have a number of sequels, or other cheesey spin-offs like Saturday morning cartoons or even syndication of any kind. I hope James Cameron is satisfied that his vision has been made and presented to the world and the world loves it. Now please walk away, its perfect, its done. Take your 3D technology and make something else. Surely there are other stories out there worthy of such a great technology.

If you get a chance to see this movie, don’t hesitate. Buy your tickets and get there early, it will be packed.


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