Cells, ACTA, Internet, ISP’s

It seems like everyday the people of Canada seem to be getting screwed by some company or Government agency in just about all facets of Canadian life and what is to be done about it?
CBC News – British Columbia – Rogers charges for ‘free’ text messages
You’d think that Rogers, being the major cell/internet/cable/etc provider in Canada that their main modus-operendi wouldn’t just be about raping every Canadian customer for every cent that they own for services that are almost negligible in cost to operate. Not only do they charge exorbitant fees for these services but they change their contracts with these paying customers just to charge them even more for them. WTF??!!

Globalive rewrites foreign-ownership rules, opposition warns – The Globe and Mail
CBC News – Technology & Science – Wind to announce cellphone pricing Wednesday
This brings us to some new competition to these behemoths, WIND. I think more competition in this market is long past due but why should it be acceptable for the government to break its own rules on foreign ownership of companies be the only way to get it? I know I for one will switch away from Rogers at the first chance I get to this new company just to get away from Rogers and there is no way in hell I will ever go to Bell and Telus is, in my opinion just a small player in this trio and not worth it to try. I would rather take my chances on something new.

CBC News – Technology & Science – Open-access internet rules take hits
CBC News – Technology & Science – Time running out on internet access appeals
So in the mix of everything with these telecommunications giants raping every Canadian for everything they have, now they are stifling competition in the Internet world by not allowing potential competitors to actually compete with them. HELLO!!! What is the definition of a monopoly? What pisses everyone off about this, is that its the infrastructure that they are holding hostage here. An infrastructure that was built upon the subsidies of the the Canadian people. Its ok for them to use this infrastructure at their will, but not anyone else. Well god-dammit I helped pay for this, and I want to be able to access it through some other vendor than frickin’ Bell!

Charlie Angus: The trouble with the secret Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement talks | Vancouver, Canada | Straight.com
Is it any wonder why such ideas as “Pirates” and “Pirating” exist? Governments and corporations do whatever the hell they want without any thought to the ones to whom it actually matters, the people.

With all of this bullshit going on, one can only hope and wish that there is actually something to one of the ideas spouted by those crazy 2012 worshipers. That society will have a complete and utter breakdown. No currencies, no corporations, no industry…nothing. As bad as that sounds I almost hope that it happens just so the slate could be wiped clean and everything started over with a completely different attitude in place. Where people actually have a choice in things and corporations aren’t there just to rape and pillage but if they are, something could be done about it, ’cause right now we are spiraling to some ultimate end and it appears there is nothing anyone can do about, let alone even recognize that something is wrong.

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  1. LOTGK Says:

    here in the states, it’s no different. I have Armstrong Cable and Directv. The cable company has made a deal with the community long ago.

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