Local Channels

The CRTC has a new website created to obtain from the public, their opinions on how/what to do about this “Fee for carriage” issue. The website is: http://television.askingcanadians.com/ .

I have added my two cents worth on the topic of Affordability of local TV. They are asking for responces to the following two ideas on the subject:

  1. Thinking about the importance of local TV to you, how would you react, and why, if you were asked to pay for local TV on top of what you already pay for your cable and satellite services?
  2. In your view, what measures, if any, could be taken to support local television?

My comments:

The cost of “basic” cable/satellite service, in my understanding, since the providers have to provide such channels should be there to support the local channels as part of that cost. I don’t know how, nor do I care how such funds are distributed, all I know is if they’re not being distributed, then the providers should be forced to fork over a percentage of the basic fee to support the local channels being provided. I also think that the providers should be “forced” to provide the local channels in all markets. Currently such providers as Shaw, does not, for example provide a local Global affiliate for the Atlantic region. They used to, but when all of this “fee for carriage” started, they dropped it from their lineup. I now do not subscribe to Shaw’s satellite service because of that.
Local TV is important, but I do not think I should have to pay extra for it because I believe I am already paying for it in the “basic” service costs, therefore I shouldn’t have to pay for it again.
In my opinion, the basic cable fees should be regulated, somehow, and the fees paid for this service should be broken down as to how much goes to the provider for their service and how much goes towards a “local channel” programming fund, whereby all local channels derive a percentage.
If I am forced to pay extra for local programming, I will cancel my cable/satellite service outright, and get what TV programming I desire directly from the internet and rely on public radio for “local” information.

Get on there, post your opinion. It could help!


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