More stuipidity

Michael Geist has released another article on the fate of Canadian TV and it just keeps getting worse as far as I can tell.

In this article he talks about CTV and Canwest (Global) asking the CRTC for the right to be able to block American broadcasts of TV shows, just so they can broadcast those same shows, in Canada, whenever they want to, thus blocking Canadians from seeing those shows when originally broadcast. They want to be able to put off allowing Canadians from watching a show by up to 7 days. WTF??!! And then these same TV stations want us to pay extra for their channels? Are these guys really that dumb? Do they really think people will put up with crap like that?

Perhaps I’m seeing a business opportunity here? Maybe I should start up a business whereby I setup a PC that allows people to download and watch TV shows from the Internet, eliminating a need for people to have to pay for what is shaping up to be a crappy cable/satellite/TV station industry here in Canada.

All of this is just a bunch of crap. I think we need to completely overhaul the entire industry from the TV stations down to the providers.

Eliminate them all and lets start fresh!


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