Net Neutrality…ya right

CBC News – Technology & Science – CRTC issues net neutrality rules

Net Neutrality, who is it good for? Big business, or the simple users.

As if that isn’t an easy question to answer. Its certainly not us common users. The above article is very well written and describes in pretty good detail what all of this Net Neutrality stuff means. Its a bit of a read but well worth your time to have a look at it so that when changes happen to you, you might have an understanding of what is happening and why.

What frustrates me about it all is that even though the idea of these “rules” are supposed to protect the common users of the internet by forcing the big 3 ISP’s (here in Canada) to adopt and follow some rules, there is no way a common user can find out if they are being subjected to the issues that these rules are attempting to protect us from.

Is it just expected, that if we attempt to use a torrent to download something between the hours of 08:00 – 18:00 that it will be slowed down by the ISP’s? How will I know if it is being slowed down even though my attempt is made not within those “peak” hours? And what defines this “peak hours”? Is it defined per timezone across Canada, or is from 08:00 AST to 18:00 PST, which is over 14 hours long!

I don’t understand why the use of torrents just isn’t accepted and perhaps some knowledge-sharing on how your torrent configuration could be changed to not make using them so horrible to the overall network in the first place.


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