I read somewhere that one of the reasons why we humans dream is the brains way of retraining itself. So for example, for those people who dream of running, or being chased. It isn’t the act of running that you should take away from such a dream but perhaps the idea that if you are ever in a situation where something isn’t right, whether it be a life or death situation or simply making a decision about something and that if you feel something isn’t right, run away. The dream is helping your brain be prepared some odd situation that maybe you’ve never really had to face before. I had one of those dreams.

I dreamt that we were missing our old house and its location (out in the boonies) and so we made a quick decision to sell our current (new) house and buy something near our old place. Then something happened. The purpose of this other house didn’t happen. We struggled for months to get something, because we had to buy a house now, somewhere, anywhere because we already sold our existing house. We ended up having to accept the purchase of a crappy old house that had its forced air furnace ducts outside. In my dream I remember standing there looking up at all of this ducting and thinking how disgusted I was with it all and how much regret I had had for thinking of selling the house in the first place.

So, I believe the dream isn’t necessarily telling me how happy we are with our current house but my brains way of training me to better express myself and to better listen to my inner-self when it comes to such decisions and to not leap too quickly at such decisions. See, retraining.

[I miss you]


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