Around the lake

I got my bike back from the shop last week, but with the hurricane coming and preparing for that I haven’t had the chance to get out on it. Tonight I was finally able to. It was drizzling out and it was a bit chilly to only be in a t-shirt but I continued anyways. At 19:00 it was already getting dark.

My route will take me around Lake Banook. The lake I’ve been bitching about lately. From my house, towards the lake, South ward, is all downhill. I could coast all the way to the lake if I wanted to, which is about a kilometre, but I didn’t. The bike felt real-good. The brakes worked well and the gears all seemed to be working as expected. I had to adjust my seat as it was way too high for my short-ass. I’m still not used to the mountain-bike straight handle bars, so when I attempt to indicate that I’m turning left (removing my left hand from the handle bar) I almost wipe out.

The terrain around the lake is all pretty level, so I am able to keep a relatively consistent pace. Weaving around people and dogs, joggers and other bike riders I eventually make it towards the North East end of the lake. The trail I take goes between the lake and the highway as again it is relatively flat.

This takes me beyond the lake where there is a gradual hill leading up to a fairly steep hill that is back to my house. My goal is always to make the entire trek without having to get off my bike and walk it. The last little bit of a grade back to my house always kills my resolve. Except tonight! I was able to stay on the bike and make it up the steepest part of my ride back. My legs were killing me but I know it will only get better the more I do this. The trip takes me about half an hour to complete. Maybe if I can continue doing this in the evening along with my daily walk in the morning (and sometimes a walk at work!) I can continue to lose more weight.

All I know is it felt good being back on a bike. Its been awhile.


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