Environmental impact

Canoing…How bad could it be? I mean its simply people floating in a small boat with a paddle. No motors. No exhaust from a motor. No fuel used just sweat from the participants.

All I Know is that I took these two photos on my walk this morning of Sullivan’s Pond. Sullivan’s Pond is fed by Lake Banook, which is where this canoing event is taking place. The water level in Sullivan’s Pond has to be down almost 2 feet from its normal level. The fountain that is normally spraying its wonderful show for all to see is now completely exposed and unable to get enough water to work.
The fountain at Sullivan's Pond

The ducks in the pond barely have enough water to float in. This duck had enough water to actually float, but his feet weren’t paddling him around as they normally do, they were touching the bottom. He was walking on the bottom to move around!

Isn’t canoing wonderful!

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