Freedom of…access?

I have been a bit pissed off lately and I’m working on “venting” that pissed-off-ed-ness.

We recently moved into a fairly well-off neighbourhood of Dartmouth (pffff…LOL) and by that I mean there are alot of very expensive houses, with expensive vehicles sitting out front and most of the owners have some kind of pre or post fix to their name (Dr., Phd, etc). Not that we fit in to that category in any way, but we were fortunate enough to acquire the house we did.

The housing area surrounds a fairly popular lake that supports most if not all of the canoing/kayaking activities here in Canada. There are numerous rowing clubs surrounding the lake and the lake is occupied by all of the necessary bouys and other water-based tracking equipment and docks, etc. One of the nicest features of this lake is BirchCove Park. Its a Municipal park where one could take their dogs (oh on a leash) for a walk and even take a swim at a normally staffed public beach. Obviously I’m not a member at any of the rowing clubs on this lake, perhaps which is why I feel so ripped off at the events there that have transpired.

We moved into our house in April and it feels like ever since then, there has been very few days where the weather has even been nice enough to consider going for a swim but BirchCove Park has been completely closed off to the public. Why you ask, or rather how can they completely close off a public park? Apparently there is a “major” canoing event taking place here this week and not only have they closed the park for this event, but they have had the entire park under some kind of construction all spring, up until now. The park and the beach completely cut off to everyone. So much so that a few weeks ago, when the weather was really nice, a pair of girls decided to “risk their lives” by encroaching on the “construction site” (on the weekend, when no construction was taking place), and go for a swim. They were rewarded for their bravery by having the Metro Police come and force them out of the water and likely given a ride in a police car. WTF??!!

I contacted my city councillor, Gloria McClusky to complain about the situation. I sent her an email to which she has not responded. I don’t expect a response until these Canoe 09 events are over.

I’m not happy…and dammit, there isn’t another council meeting until Sept 8!! WTF?

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One Response to “Freedom of…access?”

  1. Shawn Says:

    Don’t blame you for being pissed off my friend…but planning for this particular event has been in the works for a couple years now. The event (which starts today by the way) is unlike other events at banook lake and we likely won’t see another one like it soon. I’ve spent many a sunny (and rainy) afternoon sitting on the lawn there watching all three of my girls compete in local regattas.

    This year, banook hosts the world championships for paddling (, a major event by all standards and many of our amateur paddlers are involved in some capacity either competing or just helping out. It is a sport that doesn’t really get alot of public attention (aka funding) and relies on the community to cover the costs of equipment, canoe clubs, officiating, etc.

    In this case however, the city is actually stepping up to the plate and investing in the event by prepping the venue and I for one support their efforts.

    Next week, it’ll all be over…:)

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