More throttling…and more

Internet throttling benefits customers: Rogers, Shaw – CBC

Day 6 CRTC hearings
Most Canadians support reasonable Internet traffic management, poll suggests – They never asked me!

I can’t believe that these corporations think their customers are dumb simpletons who don’t care or even want to know about such activities.

In my opinion, I don’t think there is enough competition, at the wholesale level for any ISP, who works off of that level of access to the internet can guarantee that “their” service is free from DPI or throttling. I mean it has been stated so far that these practices are in place 24/7 regardless of peak hours of usage, or even actual congestion. It more and more simply sounds like a cash-grab for a download/upload based customer contract which still doesn’t resolve any kind of “congestion” issues that there may well be existing, or not.

I don’t know why, but I always feel like I am getting screwed by these huge companies and that there isn’t enough competition for me to simply switch to something else more viable because all pipes lead to one of the 3 (Bell, Rogers or Shaw). So if they are throttling, then all ISP’s are in affect throttling.

No matter what, the customer will always get screwed.



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