The future…?

Below is a link to an article describing how a movie theatre used Bittorrent to stream a high resolution movie while it was being shown…live!

Movie streamed using Bittorrent

Can you imagine the possibilities with this technology? Imagine the internet “pipe” that would be necessary if all movie theatres (just) in North America were to do this? The ISP’s would undoubtedly be more than happy to enhance their network capacity (instead of managing them) for the Movie industry, but for us paying customers, not so much.

Personally I think this is a little unreasonable to think that each theatre (each screen) would do this. I would imagine that a theatre would have its own local computer system, where a new movie is downloaded, perhaps using Bittorrent from a producing companys’ secure website, then once its on their own internal network, stream it, from their local machine to the necessary screens. As cool as the idea is, of them using Bittorrent to do this, I don’t think it’ll ever make it very far.


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