Net Neutrality

Below is yet another fine article on the topic of Net Neutrality.  Its a very “Canadian” topic right now but in reality its not just a Canadian problem.  I think all countries, especially the US is going through the same or similar issues.

Net neutrality: The most important free speech issue of the information age? |

What Roz (the journalist who wrote the article) fails to mention is how to get involved.  How do you make your voice count in the CRTC hearings that she mentions is coming up in July.

First off you can go to the CRTC site and I beleive you can make your comments on the topic from that site.  The other way it to contact your MP and voice your concern to her/him.  Of course you have to find out who your MP is, then get their contact information.  Its all available online.  Do it.  I have already.

BTW there are other CRTC hearings that should be of interest to people, like “Fee for carriage”.  I’ve been following this one since last year.

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