I’m going to weigh in on an issue that I really know very little about, nor do I follow the backlash that seems to be heard every year on the topic. The baby seal hunt that occurs here in Canada.

The article below is the most recent blurb circulating the news world on the topic. What they’re proposing is almost childish but is poignent compared to who out in the world, is complaining about “our” country’s practice of hunting the seals.

Canadian MPs vote to include seal skin on Olympic uniforms

The concern of these countries/people who complain about it seems to be a little misplaced. Fish throughout the world are being fished to almost extinction levels, yet the few baby seals that are hunted and killed, which is not in any way depleating their existence are the ones garnering all of the public’s attention. If these countries/people are actually concerning about the killing of anything, maybe they should look at themselves and see where they get their fish from and to what extend the damage being caused from that is doing to the world and leave the seal hunt alone.


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