Don’t fear the pirates.

Below is a link to a Globe & Mail article on the topic of pirating.  Its very interesting.  It explains how, what is being considered pirating now, may actually help the industry that is persecuting the perpetrators. Don’t fear the pirates

Its not just about the stealing of people’s intellectual property and not giving those people their due for their work, its about change.  Evolution even.  To the industry or maybe to the elimination of the industry, who knows.  Or maybe its change to the costs of such things, “right-sizing” their price.  And maybe the distribution of such things, making it easier and less costly.  Look at a CD.  Look at all of the plastic involved with one CD.  Its all unnecessary if the same music could be distributed, possibly via Bittorrent at a fraction of the cost.  I guess thats why the music industry is fighting “pirating” so much.  It may be seeing the end of its industry all together.  Who would need the industry if the artist could produce and release their own work via the internet, to the people willing to pay for it and receive direct renumeration for said work?  Artists are starting to realize they can do this.

The people who are said to be “pirates” are typically the people willing to pay for the music but just not at the exhorbitant costs involved today.  they want change.  They want a change to the way they get their music and movies, and even books.

Evolve or die.  Evolution sucks.


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