I opened my Last.FM app the other day.  It politely informed me that there was a new version available and asked if I was ready for it to be installed.  This is such a common practice these days that I really didn’t question it at all.  I have always had Last.FM and use it quite often, so I started the install.

When it had finished its update and restarted itself, I was informed that I was now using my “trial” period and that after my trial was over I would have to pay.  WFT??!!  I feel like I have been tricked.  I install an update then all of a sudden I have to pay?  No thanks.

Being a programmer myself I just thought, hey someone screwed up.  Nope!  It was intentional.  I now have to pay to use my Last.FM player!  No!  I uninstalled it.  I’ll get my music from somewhere else thank you.  It was great while it lasted but NO!  I refuse! to charge users for Internet radio service

I deleted my account with them.  The hell with you CBS. Last.FM was bought by CBS apparently…
(see here), 2 years ago. How did I miss that?

It seems that all of the good things about the internet are being commercialized and commodicized (sp??).  It was once a place where you could go and actually have fun doing stuff and discover new things.  Now its just one big encyclopedia and store where you can buy everything from virtual storage to porn to access to online virtual worlds.  In just about all cases you have to pay.  You have to pay to get on the internet to your ISP, you have to (in most cases) pay for the software to allow you to get on the internet and now it seems, more and more that everything you do on the internet you have to pay for too.


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