This is different…both good and bad

I can’t wait to see how this one ends up, with regardes to legal ramifications, etc.

At the link below is an article describing an ISP in Israel who, at balking about how much torrent files bog down their network etc, did something about it. They sped up the download!


Instead of allowing the torrent to go outside of its own local network, which costs them, they cached the torrent locally, on their servers, which allows the download to occur faster.


The bad part of all of this is that they are looking for .torrent files, intercepting the requests for them, and altering the file, mid-stream as it is being downloaded.

The ultimate outcome, for downloaders is a faster download of their torrent, but knowing that their request, and the content they are requesting, is being changed without their knowledge, is very very bad, in my opinion.

ISP Speeds Up Customers’ BitTorrent Downloads | TorrentFreak

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One Response to “This is different…both good and bad”

  1. LOTGK Says:

    Just another way Big Brother is watching us.

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