Moving Sucks

After living out in the boonies for over ten years, we have finally re-joined society and am now living in the great metropolitan area known as Dartmouth (NS, Canada).

It has now been exactly one week since we attempted to pack up our entire house. Whats bad about packing and moving is that you find so many things you haven’t had a use for, for so long. You then have to pack them, then when you get to the new place you look at that old shit and you wonder why you’re even contemplating unpacking it.

My son asked my why I’d even bother packing the shit up in the first place and just expected that we would start over with everything. Buy new furniture, appliances, everything. As much as I wanted to agree with him, I told him that there were too many things we didn’t want to have to replace, if necessary. Upon looking at all of the shit we ended up moving, I wondered if he was somehow right. How nice it would be (except for having to buy everything new again) to only have to deal with the real necessary stuff and not stuff that you couldn’t give a rats ass for that you’ve carried with you for 20 years and can’t fathom a use for, now.

I’m looking at the dozens of boxes with computer-related stuff in them and I just want to throw them out. I setup the computer(s) and now I really don’t have a place to unpack those many boxes of computer stuff, so what do I do with them? I don’t want to take something out of a box unless I know i’m going to do something with it. The scary part is that I know there’s even more boxes with computer related stuff in them at the storage facility where we have rented a store room. What am I going to do with that shit?

I have this strange feeling its going to take awhile to get everything unpacked.

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One Response to “Moving Sucks”

  1. LOTGK Says:

    I can relate. When we moved back in 1992, we packed everything up and only unpacked what was necessary at the time.
    17 years later, there are still boxes in the basement from the move still sealed. We cannot even remember what is in them. I’m afraid to look. I was thinking of doing a Geraldo Rivera reveal show, sort of like the secret vault of Al Capone. only this time, I know there is stuff in the boxes.

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