Latest Book I’m reading

The latest book that I’m in the middle of reading: Toward 2012: Perspectives on the Next Age: Daniel Pinchbeck, Ken Jordan: Books

I read his other book: “2012: The Return of Quetzacotal”. I wasn’t overly impressed by it and when I bought this one, to be honest I saw the books title before I saw who had written it. 2012 is a topic I have been interested in for a little while now. I wasn’t too crazy about his way of exacting the information that he supposedly had, and that was by the use of drugs. I am neither a detractor or an advocate for their use but I felt that the information he was “getting” via the use of these drugs, in my opinion, should have been able to be “had” without the use of these drugs.

But as was with his previous book, even though I don’t agree with his methods, I have learned something about myself and perhaps about the human condition, as it is. It seems that while I am reading Daniels books, I get this feeling that, even though I am enjoying what I am reading, that there has got to be more. More information. More substance to what is being discussed. More science, more religion? More something, I don’t know what.

I think thats why the church and religion, for me, is as it is. I have gone to church, if asked I will attend but I feel no desire to go. I have met lots of people at various church functions, and enjoy them immensely but there has always been something from it all that has been missing for me with regards to religion, but I don’t know what. More information? More substance? I don’t know.

So, here I am reading Daniels book, which by the way is not a book per se, but rather a bunch of short stories by various authors, including Daniel on the general topic of “2012”. The particular short story that I was reading from which I had to stop and blog about was one entitled “Blood and Breath” by Barbara Alice Mann. I know nothing about her but gather from reading her short story that she is native American with quite an apparent amount of knowledge of native American heritage and its knowledge. In it she talks about the dualities of everything, earth/sky, blood/breath, man/woman. Thats when what she was talking about all seemed to make perfect sense to me. One of her final lines in her article seemed to sum up everything for me:

“Spirituality is not a competition but a collaborative, and no Single Unifying Theory is desirable or likely.”

I want to write more, but that one sentance alone (as well as her short story) has made buying this book worth it to me. I feel like I have learned something about myself, my life that I’m not able to put into words at this time.


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