Problem caused by Windows

Doooh’s Picture Of The Day

I had seen reports of this throughout the net recently but just figured someone with some Photoshop skills just made it up as yet another joke against Microsoft. That is until I actually experienced it for myself.

I open IE and was done looking at whatever it was and I closed the browser. I received the “Error reporting” dialog that you get when an application crashs. I hit report error. It did its thing. A new IE window opened with the following presented in it as demonstrated by the attached image.

Being a Ubuntu nerd, this just cracked me up and just clarified the feelings that I’ve had for Microsoft and Windows all along…that they were the cause of all of my problems…lol.

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One Response to “Problem caused by Windows”

  1. LOTGK Says:

    And now Windows 7 is in beta testing. The so-called new and improved Windows OS.

    I think they said the same thing about Vista…..

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