Recession my A… Oh damn…Your company hiring?

Well it happened.  As a testament to the recession that we’re in (but that the Conservative Party of Canada said, during the election, we’re not in).  I’ve lost my job.  It was either lay off the other six people and myself or the company was going to have to close its doors completely.

It was kind of a surprise and it wasn’t.  The company was in the market for some new financing and that what they had hoped to get, fell through.  I knew all of this but what I didn’t know was how bad the company was if that financing did fall through.  I guess it was alot worse off that I ever thought it was, or knew about.

We were told on a thursday, before lunch.  I got back to my computer and just shut it down.  They expected us to do no work anyways.  I handed in my key and security card and left.  I went in the next day to gather up all of my crap that I had just left there.  At that time I had no means of getting any of it home.  I came in the next day with a box and filled it up with my shit.  I was asked if there was anything on the computer that I wanted to take.  I said no there wasn’t.  I had lots of music there, as well as personal pictures, etc, but nothing that I didn’t have somewhere else, I hope.  To say the least I think I was still in a bit of shock.  After about a week and a half of coming to terms with it all, I think now I might have liked to have taken some of my stuff off that work computer but it really doesn’t matter anymore.

This is now my second full week of being unemployed.  Just about every day has been spent scouring the internet for job postings, and sending out resumes and cover letters.   I’ve had a few leads from some friends that I beleive will start to pan out next week.  My ex-CEO said that he would vouch for me where ever I asked him to.  I may take him up on that, or not.

As I started to come to terms with this, getting over the bitterness, anger and shock, I realized that I actually felt sorry for the other people who retained their jobs there.  Bitterness, yes C, there’s some bitterness there.  Being the only developer, out of four to be let go, and after putting in over five years there.  Out of the developers, I was there the second longest.  I guess thats part of the reason why I never wanted anything off my work computer.  I figured if they didn’t want me, they also didn’t want anything that I ever worked on, or was part of, to ever be known again.  Oh I documented my stuff, wrote in our wiki about alot of the stuff I did and have done over the years but I’d like to beleive that if someone else ever had to try to do any of it, that they might have a difficult time of it.  There is also alot of “Corporate memory” lost with me and quite alot of the other people let go too.  Oh well, time to move on.

Speaking of moving on.  During all of this, my daughter has been visiting, with my grand daughter and her husband.  Funny, the night I got laid off turned out to be a very busy night  My mother in law was coming to visit, to see her new great-grand daughter and after she was here, she informed me, secretely, that I had to go back to the airport to pick up my wife’s sister.  Surprise!  So for a few days it was very busy-crazy here while we figured out all of the sleeping arrangements, etc.  The last thing on my mind was looking for a job or even worrying about why I had just lost one.  Maybe that helped, maybe it didn’t, maybe it contributed to the bitterness, maybe not.

In the mean-time I’ve gotten in touch with a few people whom I hadn’t heard from in a few years, all offerring to take my resume and pass it around within the companys they work for, so its been nice.  Hopefully something will pan out, and soon.  The severence won’t last for much longer.


3 Responses to “Recession my A… Oh damn…Your company hiring?”

  1. LOTGK Says:

    Damn! Sorry to hear that Doooh. The states economy is very sour as well. Obama preaches change. I wish he would preach jobs.

  2. ben Says:

    My husband’s ’employer’ has not officially laid him (and the rest of the people who work at the mill) off yet. They are on a week by week basis. Last year he was off for over three months total. UI doesn’t even begin to cover the bills and because things are so bad here right now my business has easily been cut in half. It’s scary. He’s been looking for other things and picking up odd jobs where he can, but there is so little work and so many fighting for it.
    Have you had any luck finding something? I checked your more current posts and didn’t see anything. I hope you have and I hope this recession ends before we all lose everything.

  3. dooohhead Says:

    Ya thanks Ben, I have been lucky. I signed my job offer back in the middle of December and started Jan. 5. I am still hoping for EI to kick in a few dollars for the two weeks where I actually didn’t receive ANY money. I did get a severance and my vacation pay, so like I said…I’ve been lucky.

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