My first car

I’ve finally found a picture online of what was my first car:

It was a 1978 Buick Century Sport Coupe. It had the 305 v8 engine, automatic transmission, red vinyl interior and a sun roof. I like that car still to this day. Wish I still had it. In the picture is what mine actually looked like except like I said, I had the red interior. I had the same rims (but with Uniroyal Tiger paws with the raised white lettering), same black silver paint job and of course the Eagle decals on the fenders.

I took off the front grill and some of the other chrome trim and painted them all black. It gave the vehicle a bit of a mean look to it. I remember I saved up $3,000 and paid the guy in cash. It completely depleated all my money at the time and I had to borrow from my mother to get insurance for it. I kept asking my Dad to help me buy a car but he kept putting me off. I saw this car in the Auto Trader and bought it later that week. My Dad was pissed off that I didn’t talk to him about it first. At the time, with the patience of a 17 year old I just bought it. He told me later that the reason he was so pissed off with me buying it was because the car had the 305 engine in it and that that engine was known for having head gasket problems. At the time I didn’t care about such things.

I did everything in that car. I installed a new car stereo, myself, in it, as well a new speakers. I did brake jobs, changed the oil, customized it in small ways that made it just mine, painted it. I took it camping, drove it everywhere. It was a smoke-free vehicle. My brother in law lit up a cigarette while in the backseat once while in traffic. I stopped right in the middle of traffic until he threw the butt out.

It was a good car. It was my first car. It led to my next “first”, my first computer. I sold my first car to buy my $2,000 personal computer. Monochrome Amber screen, two 5 1/4″ floppy disk drives, 640 K of memory (no hard disk!) and back then, it was the cat’s ass, but thats another story…

I still have my original license plates that I had on this car…and to this day I still remember what they were…

Oh thats another difference from the image above. I not only had the red vinyl interior, but I had the bucket seats with the centre console and the shifter on the console not on the steering column. I also had an aftermarket sunroof put in, one of the best things I did for that car. There are so many good memories that I recall when I see this car. Friends, activities, my wife, daughter…my youth.

For some reason I’ve been finding internet resources about this car that I’m sure didn’t exist a few years ago. This one, the Buick Wiki has a bit of interesting information about it.  This one talks about how unpopular it was.  The fastback (“aeroback”) styling apparently turned people off (WTF!).


7 Responses to “My first car”

  1. Ian Says:

    So what led you to choose to give up the freedom of the road for a computer?

  2. LOTGK Says:

    Wow, first car….
    1969 Pontiac Catalina. Forest green exterior.

  3. dooohhead Says:

    Ian, I was going to school to become a computer programmer (my current profession), plus we were given a ’73 Newport. A huge boat of a car. I was given the ultimatum…”if you want your own computer, the only way we could afford it is if you sell your car”. It was a tough decision.

  4. Ian Says:

    I guess the investment paid off. Good choice 🙂
    You guys might have a few years on me. My first car was an ’89 Topaz.

  5. Phil Says:

    Oh the memories. My first car was a 1976 Chevrolet Monza. Banana yellow. It was dubbed the banana by my friends and I had a lot of fun in that car. Until my father sold it to his girlfriends son and he wrapped it around a tree two weeks later.

  6. dooohhead Says:

    My now brother in law had one of those…a 5 speed.

  7. Phil Says:

    Mine was an automatic with a black vinyl interior and the stock AM radio…in 1991.

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