Yesterday I received email notification that someone had left a blog comment on one of my entries. There’s not too many people that I know who actually visit yet alone leave a comment, so when I didn’t recognize the person who left the comment I was a little curious as to who it might be. The email I get from my blog provider (WordPress) is very informative. It outlines the comment left and gives you the option to set the comment as spam, by providing a link, or deleting it. One of the other things it tries to give you is some way to identify who the person is who left the comment.

New comment on your post #357 “My sight has been awakened”
Author : nick (IP: , S0106001217ba38f0.cg.shawcable.net)
E-mail : nick@cbs.tv
URL : http://nick
Whois : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
Ugh btw the local channel was removed because we needed space on our satellites for HD, not because of the 1 dollar service fee..remove your tin hat buddy

You can see all comments on this post here:

Delete it: https://dooohhead.wordpress.com/wp-admin/comment.php?action=cdc&c=14313
Spam it: https://dooohhead.wordpress.com/wp-admin/comment.php?action=cdc&dt=spam&c=14313

Above is the actual email I received from this person “Nick”. His comment wasn’t anything horrible or offensive in any way, but in his last sentence “remove your tin hat buddy” implies that I am some kind of crackpot paranoid freak who wears tin foil on his head to prevent “big brother” from reading his mind, which surprisingly enough I’m not! Him suggesting that I am paranoid is a little odd as it was “Nick” who took it upon himself to try to hide who he actually is by setting his return email address to be nick@cbs.tv and by making his URL to be http://nick, which are both obviously bogus.

The entry he commented on was a second entry I wrote about StarChoice and how displeased I was with what they were doing, and how they went about doing it, so his comment was nothing more that an annoyance. It just so happened that as I was going through my email to remove the spam I saw this email and saw the line in the email “Author : nick (IP: , S0106001217ba38f0.cg.shawcable.net)” and thought that “shawcable.net” was a little strange as Starchoice is owned by Shaw Cable, so I decided to click on the “Whois” link provided: http://ws.arin.net/whois/?queryinput=, it yielded the following result:

OrgName: Shaw Communications Inc.
Address: Suite 800
Address: 630 – 3rd Ave. SW
City: Calgary
StateProv: AB
PostalCode: T2P-4L4
Country: CA

ReferralServer: rwhois://rwhois.shawcable.net:4321/

NetRange: –
NetHandle: NET-68-144-0-0-1
Parent: NET-68-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Allocation
RegDate: 2002-06-03
Updated: 2006-02-08

OrgAbuseHandle: SHAWA-ARIN
OrgAbuseName: SHAW ABUSE
OrgAbusePhone: +1-403-750-7420
OrgAbuseEmail: internet.abuse@sjrb.ca

OrgTechHandle: ZS178-ARIN
OrgTechName: Shaw High-Speed Internet
OrgTechPhone: +1-403-750-7428
OrgTechEmail: ipadmin@sjrb.ca

So…it appears (here goes my paranoia again) that Starchoice (Shaw) has employees who’s job it is to search for the word Starchoice, perhaps to try to discern public opinion and attempt to dispel any descent, OR this “Nick” guy is perpetrating some inappropriate web-surfing on company time. In any case the WHOIS result clearly shows a point of contact and the email has a specific IP address of where the note originated from.

Gee how pissed off at Starchoice am I…? Maybe I should call and complain about this guy…

2 Responses to “WHOIS”

  1. LOTGK Says:

    Something similar happened to me. on a lark, I posted an entry on my blog about an alien abductee that wears a thought screen helmet to prevent aliens from taking him again. I was making fun.
    I had no idea that there is a real society of thought screen helmet wearers who swear by the device.

    Serious…. Hope you didn’t snort pepsi through your nose….

    Anyway, I got some wild comments making fun of them and then some serious ones by the founder of the society. And then I started getting different names under the same IP address. He would type in like TED, SAM, EDDY, PETE, and use these names to attempt to sway the argument to his side.

    Perhaps that is what Starchoice is attempting to do. I’m sure it happens more than one thinks, or wants to believe.
    Spin doctors are typing on a blog near you.

  2. Dasia Says:

    You don’t know me, but I was doing a search on Shaw Communications and your blog came up. I guess because you wrote about it? I thought I found the hacker, lol. Well, that IP addy has 2 different locations. One is in Cannada and the other is in Georgia. Two different areas of the world and the same IP addy. I recieved them within 2 minutes from each other. The person is going by Arin now. This person should be turned in. I’m fixing to check out their website here on the net and see if there is anyway to make an complaint and question them on why that addy is being used in different States minutes apart from each other? My point in writing to you is to see if you have had anymore problems with this IP addy and if it caused anything to your PC? Btw, the Nick dude was rude for saying that to you. Dasia

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