Friday fun

I left work on Friday and picked up my wife at her work. We drove back into town to visit the great Home Depot. We are in the progress of wanting to sell our house so we’ve decided to put new carpeting in. We ordered our carpet then decided to go out for dinner.
We were undecided about where to go but headed towards downtown Halifax. We finally decided that we would goto Mother Tuckers on Lower Water St. for some nice salad bar and roast beef. We found a parking spot and paid $6 to park. We walked over to the restaurant only to discover that it has closed. Not closed for the evening, but closed for forever.
We walked along the waterfront thinking we would goto Salty’s restaurant, overlooking the harbour. They have a very fancy (and expensive) restaurant on their upper level of the building, but we opted for the main-level restaurant/bar. We were shown to our table and picked up the menus only to discover that the only things on the menus were seafood. We both didn’t really have an appetite for seafood so before the waitress even came by we got up and left.
From there we headed towards the casino, walking through the pedway. We got to the casino and checked out their main restaurant. Before we went in we checked out their menu and there really wasn’t anything on it that interested us, especially at the costs they wanted for some of the entrees. In the casino they have an all you can eat buffet so we headed over to check that out. It cost $19.00 per person, so before we sat down in there we strolled by the food they were offering up. The roast beef looked nice, the salad bar, deserts, etc. My wife opens up the dish marked “Corn Chowder” to have a look at it and she starts laughing her head off, exclaiming that it wasn’t corn chowder. She said it looked like creamed corn, and it did. So we left there wondering where else we could go.
We were walking through the pedway and finally decided that we would stay in the pedway as it got very cool all of a sudden and headed towards Scotia Square, through it to the World Trade Centre then through the hidden passage-way under the road to the St. Georges hotel. We took the elevator up to the lobby then exited the hotel on our way across the street to The Keg restaurant.
As we were walking in front of the hotel there were two guys standing outside leaning up against a pillar having a smoke. Well wouldn’t you know it, it was Rick Mercer from the Rick Mercer Report TV show on the CBC. We didn’t stop to talk to him, I always feel like they deserve some privacy and should be allowed to go outside to have a smoke without some rowdy fans bothering them all of the time. So I took a mental snapshot of him and we headed across the street to The Keg for dinner. By this time it was around 19:30 and considering I left work at 16:00, we were both feeling pretty famished.
Surprisingly it wasn’t too busy for a Friday night. We were seated right away and ordered up some nice and frosty margaritas. We had those pretty well sucked back by the time the salads arrived so we ordered a second round. By the time our new york cut steaks arrived we were all but just about full. We each ate a bit of our steaks and potatoes and that was it. The steaks were awesome. We’ve never had a bad experience at The Keg but we weren’t necessarily out to have a fancy (expensive) dinner. We decided that since my birthday is next week and our anniversary a few days after that, that this dinner was our Anniversary dinner. It’ll be 23 years this year btw!
So anyways, if you are in anyways familiar with downtown Halifax and have been following along, we originally parked near the Maritime Museum on Lower Water St., walked along the waterfront all the way to the Casino, then through the pedway to Scotia Square, to the World Trade Centre, up through St. Georges hotel then to the Keg. Thats pretty well a round-about-tour of downtown Halifax.

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One Response to “Friday fun”

  1. LOTGK Says:

    Happy birthday and anniversary.
    It will be Patty and my 23rd wedding anniversary in July.

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