Changes to Canadian Copyright Act

Canadian politicians are getting ready to introduce a new Bill that will change the Canadian Copyright Act. Some of the changes they are wanting to force upon us:

  • A $500 fine for each illegal file shared online
  • Making it illegal to unlock cellphones or copy music from protected CDs to iPods
  • Forbidding the right to copy “time shifted” shows onto personal video recorders if flagged

Some links on the topic:

Edit: Jim Prentice unlocked: the Search Engine interview

Edit: So what’s in the new copyright bill?

Edit: How the U.S. got its Canadian copyright bill

Latest: “Canadian DMCA” brings “balanced” copyright to Canada

Fair Copyright for Canada – a Facebook Group

A Google news search for Canada copyright act
Canadian Industry Minister Jim Prentice loads the DMCA, aims it at Canada’s temple, and pulls the trigger

Torries to unveil new copyright bill

Find your MP and write them!

Sent to my MP, Bill Casey (,
Dear Mr. Casey,

I am very disappointed to hear that the government of Canada is getting ready to introduce a new Bill that will change the current copyright act in such a way as to bring it in line with the harsh and unrealistic laws implemented in the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Why is it that we (Canadians) feel we have to bend to the pressures that the United States thinks its alright to inflict upon us in such matters?

Our current Copyright Act though not perfect still allows us some freedom to do with our music what we want. If I buy a music CD and want to copy it to my iPod or other listening device so what? Why is that a crime? Years ago when the Sony Walkman came out it was okay to charge an extra fee on every recording tape whose extra “tax” got put aside for all musicians so as to accommodate all of the music that got transferred to tape from vinyl. What has changed? The formats of the music, that’s all. People still buy blank CD’s to record their legally purchased music to for playing in their car. Nowadays people have digital music playing devices and they want to take their music and put it on those. So what? Why should doing such a thing be a crime? It never has been in the past for doing basically the same thing. The only thing that has really changed is the U.S. and its policies.

I don’t want a Canadian version of the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act implemented here. I implore you Mr. Casey, to not let this happen. This will not be good for Canada.

My support of you depends on the outcome of this Bill.

Please do the right thing and fight against this Bill.

Yours truly,


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