Pissed off at StarChoice!

I am pissed off at StarChoice!

I pay over $50/month (and previously used to spend over $90!) that ever since I purchased my HD receiver have constantly been losing local channels (and others) that I have been interested in having. I spent $200 on an HD receiver so that I could receive their HD channels. Shortly there after new HD channels showed up. We had access to channels that we never previously had access to before and we liked that. Then the bullshit started. All of a sudden several HD channels weren’t allowed to be apart of the normal programming lineup so they made them into a package all to themselves that you have to pay extra for. It used to be if you had access to whatever normal channel, if there was an HD channel for it you would receive that as well. Not any more! It is just one huge cash-grab and I dont’ like it!

It seems ironic that just last week we received in the mail from a competitor of StarChoice, a flyer showcasing the new and varied packages I could get if I were to switch over to them and the money I could save. I may well take them up on their offer after all of this!

Besides losing the HD channels, the kicker for me, todday, is the fact that a local area channel has been completely removed from their lineup. Not moved to another number, gone, completely. A channel in the local Atlantic timezone. Our only access to the same programming is to choose a Toronto based alternative, but thats in the Eastern timezone so that means I have to stay up an extra hour if I want to watch any of the shows that we normally watch. Thats BULLSHIT!

I contacted Star Chocie tonight by phone and lodged a complaint. I also sent them the following email to their “Ask Jim” online forum:


I am pissed off that you have removed channel 330 (Global Maritimes) from your lineup. For people in the Atlantic timezone if we want to watch any of the shows that we may have previously been interested in we have to stay up an extra hour so that we can watch the same show on a damn Toronto station and we shouldn’t have to! I have been a loyal customer of StarChoice for over 10 years and this is how you treat us?!!

Star Choice was always my saving grace. There was a time when I never had access to any alternative sources of TV and now that I have, I have stuck with you all these years. I was there when StarChoice first started, and was more than happy to drop over $800 on a (then) new dish and receiver and have also recently spent another $200 so that I may receive the “HD programming” (which is a topic I am also not very happy with) but now to lose a local channel, in a local timezone is a big loss!

I want to know what you’re going to do about this?

Your response to me will dictate how I will respond.


PS: Please don’t contact me with the lame excuses I heard on the phone when I called to complain directly. I want something done about this, it is not acceptable to lose any local programming!

I have previously contacted the CRTC and lodged a complaint (about their HD channels) as well but have never heard from anyone there although they say when you’re writing your complaint that the complaint may be sent to the company for whom your complaining about, so it is likely that it fell on deaf ears at StarChoice. I will try again. In losing the local channel from Star Choice, I may as well just go back to utilizing the local cable provider and get most/more local programming than is offerred by Star Choice. I mean I’m losing interest in what might be the draw for me to continue to use Star Choice. If they can’t provide me with the local channels that I’m interested in having, then whats the point?

Ya Ya Ya, consumerism. You speak with your money and who you give it to, or don’t but when you’re pissed off its never enough to go “…silently into the night…” as it were and not have anyone even notice or give a damn.

If there are anyone else out there in the East Coast of Canada who pays for Star Choice who is also pissed off about this, then do something about it! Contact them! Yell at them (as I did). Try getting someone else involved (I may try contacting the local News media tomorrow). This is not acceptable!

Call Star Choice at:


and complain!

Sites of interest:


8 Responses to “Pissed off at StarChoice!”

  1. LOTGK Says:

    I hear ya and feel for you.
    In the states, my local cable provider, Armstrong cable, charges me $9.99 per month for HD channels.

    What gets my goat is, next February, 2009, all channels must be broadcast in HD. So why is Armstrong charging me an extra fee to do this now?

  2. David Says:

    Stop being a cry baby! You get what you pay. If you are not happy, change your provider.

  3. LOTGK Says:

    Sounds like Dave here works for the cable company.
    Hey, can I have fries with that?

  4. dooohhead Says:

    Or the other satellite competitor Bell Expressvu.

    Yes to the fries


    I called Star Choice on Dec. 10/09 to cancel services. I was greeted with a flurry of questions from someone who barely could speak English. I was then told I would have to pay an additional month as my contract stated. I tried to explain to this person that I had paid two months in advance when I signed up but it fell on deaf ears. I told the person to cancel my dish and hung up. I called back the next day to confirm cancellation but kept getting put on hold by different departments and finally gave up.
    I went to the bank and stopped payment on my account to Star Choice for the next month. Three months later I receive a bill for three months programming, late charges, and equipment rental on a receiver I own. I called Star Choice and was told that I didn’t stay on the phone so they didn’t disconnect. I asked where in their contract did it state I had to stay on the phone until they disconnected the dish. No reply to that question only that I owed the bill.
    I contacted the Better Business Bureau and explained the situation they submitted my complaint to Star Choice and Star Choice cut the bill in half still denying any wrong doing. I received an email from the BBB to see if I was in agreeance with this, I was not. then I was told that if I returned the equipment I would be even but before I could do this they had sent me to collections. I will pay this bill as my credit is good and I would like to keep it as such. But if those maggots at Star Choice think this is over they are mistaken. I have plans for the dish with their name on it and being friday afternoon when I recieved the call from the collection agency I figured I would wait until Monday to seek legal advice for this blatent misuse of power they think they have. I wish you well COCKROACHES…

    • dooohhead Says:

      Sorry to hear about your plight with them. I too have since called them and cancelled but my experience was a little better than yours. I knew I was going to have to pay an extra month so I was expecting that. I gave them a specific date I wanted it discontinued. They passed me off to a few different people in an attempt to retain me as a customer but I told them they weren’t able to compete with a bundle offered by Eastlink (a local cable/internet/phone provider). I also pointed out to them that I was displeased with them regarding the channel dropping that they did, but they didn’t seem to care about that.

  6. Net Neutrality « Doooh Head Says:

    […] to people, like “Fee for carriage”.  I’ve been following this one since last year. Posted in At Work. No Comments […]

  7. Mai Jauregui Says:

    %Mai Jauregui% here, I just discovered Satellite TV on my PC! Ultra cheap at only $50 once off to get the software and an account on the Internet. I get more channels(in HD I might ad) than I get on cable so tomorrow I reckon I’m going to cancel my cable subscription. Thought I’d share this with you guys, worth to check out.

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