My “Candy” Rant

The local radio station I listen to (89.9 Hal Fm, Halifax) has a local journalist personality come onto the morning show every Monday and do what they call a “Candy Rant”. Apparently she has her own web site, see here and is supposed to be a comedian. This past Monday she was ranting about people who use Bluetooth headphones in places other than in the newly mandated law here in Nova Scotia location, your car. In typical form she goes on about how she was in some store and there was a guy in line at the checkout counter ahead of her who just so happened to be yakking to someone through his bluetooth device on his cellphone and she mistakenly thought he was talking to her. Like that would ever happen! So thats the first issue I have with her rant. Because she made an incorrect assumption, the entire rest of the world is wrong and she is right. Typical ignorant perspective.

For the most part I have to admit I enjoy the topics that she chooses to “rant” about and typically agree with her rants, but because of the way she chooses to rant, makes me want to argue against her just because of that. Here’s what I mean. She chooses to rant like a pre-pubescent teenager who just discovered that using swear words is a novel way to enhance your expression of just about any topic instead of using the suppossed wisdom accumulated by the years of life experiences she must have for someone her age. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaing about her because she’s old. She’s likely no older than myself, but thats my point…she’s not a teenager anymore and neither am I. Nor am I against swearing. Ask anyone who has ever worked near me, but then again I’m not swearing on public radio neither. I guess because she chooses to swear unnecessarily in these rants I simply lose respect for what it is she is ranting about even though like I said I typically agree with her. Upon hearing her rants where she swears, I immediately start coming up with arguements against her rants. Some that I came up with regarding her Bluetooth rant are:

  • Candy, we live in a high-tech society, get on the bandwagon, try adopting it and understanding it and perhaps even using it, then you might better understand or come up ,with your own rules for when its appropriate to use it or not and become more tolerant of others doing the same thing. I bet you still have your VCR’s clock flashing 12:00! Get with the times.
  • Candy must simply be jealous that no one is talking to her on her cell phone and that she’s not important enough for someone to want to do that with her.

Susan Rent of the morning show was going on about how she saw a guy going on his morning run and that he had one of those Bluetooth devices in his ear. She asked why anyone would need to be talking to someone on their cell phone while on their morning run that early in the morning. Susan, didn’t it ever occur to you that the Bluetooth headsets can be used simply for listening to the radio, or mp3’s? Those Bluetooth headsets can be used for any device that makes use of Bluetooth technology, which means if you have a bluetooth music player, such a headset can be used to listen to music through. They’re not just for use with cell phones, although there was this recent advancement in cell phone technology, maybe you heard of it, where they can actually play mp3 music through them…now thats high-tech!

So back to Candy. Candy if you were to complete a rant without cursing for no reason other than to impress the weak minded listeners who revel in such low-brow forms of entertainment (“Whooo-we, she said bitch on that thar radio…”) I know I would respect what it is you had to say more so than I do after hearing your typical rants. Do it because you have the intellect to accomplish it. I would never have thought that someone who could actually pass a Bar would need to stoop to the lowest forms of literacy just to make her point. Surely you’d never get away with expressing yourself in such a manner in a court room? Why do you think that is? Because you should know better.

So come on Candy, show us you can rant and go on about anything without stooping to the low-brow. I’ll be listening and I’ll be checking to see if you can rant without swearing. I think you may have actually done that once so far which is why I encourage you to keep trying to not swear. It shouldn’t be a big deal. I would think that you should be able to come up with a rant and get your excited-ness of the rant across without trying to sound like a teenager.


2 Responses to “My “Candy” Rant”

  1. LOTGK Says:

    about the bluetooth talking, there is an Arbys commercial where the guy is ordering and talking on the phone at the same time.
    The cashier misunderstands him when he says I love you.

  2. TheCatWhisperer Says:

    Hrm… I have to agree & disagree with “candy” on this one. the guy in the checkout line talking on his cell phone is IMO rude. I often listen to my MP3 player while in the store, to drown out the people around me, but as soon as i get in line, I take my headset off. Regardless that it is just a bit ignorant (IMO) to talk on a phone in a lineup (like talking on the phone in an elevator), the cashier often needs your attention to ask you questions about your order, etc.

    I also have a huge issue with people who MUST talk at lengths and loudly on their cell phones on the bus. Most people talk quietly amongst themselves, or read or listen to an mp3 player, etc. But some nit-wits must sit their inanely blabbering on and on .. and when they finish, they dial someone else. Its worse with some, as they practically yell into their phone.

    If someone is talking quietly on their phone, then fine (though I still think ti is a bit rude). Once in a blue moon I’ll call my girlfriend to let her know I’m almost home (if we are heading out when i get there). But my conversation is practically “Hi, yup, love you, bye”, and in a quiet voice.

    Back to the store thing. I think Candy is on the right track, but going a bit overboard. Yes, its a new century and everyone uses technology, but people are forgetting their manners as well. There is no need for rudeness, If you are going to listen to music, listen to it quietly 9or get in-ear headphones like mine, my music is loud, but I guarantee the person sitting beside me can’t hear it), if you need to use the phone, do so in appropriate places.. not in the restaurant, at the table, not in line at the store, and not loudly on the bus.

    I’ve ranted on long enough.. Soory Doooh… 😉

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