Visiting the U.S.

Read this article.

Its incredible.  It reminds me of the last time I traveled to the United States.  I had a similar experience but obviously nothing as drastic as the woman from the article.  I met one of those tiny poor excuses for a human lifeform security personnel that tried to inflict his “power” on me to prove his superiority.  According to his information I was some hardened criminal who had been finger printed somewhere for some unknown crime for which he was ready to deny me access simply because I was not able to tell him what this crime was.  My reply to him, telling him that I had never been finger printed before in my life was not the answer he was looking for and he would not accept anything but a complete confession.  Within two minutes of arriving in Detroit it was suddenly appearing like I might not make it to San Francisco for the work I was supposed to be doing there simply because I had not confessed to a crime that I didn’t commit.  Eventually I discovered that because I was going to San Fran to work for a securities company I would have to be finger printed when I got there to have access to the work environment and because of this, the “pre-homeland security morons” were notified of this and simply saw that I had been finger printed before (which actually hadn’t happened yet) and he assumed that it was because of a crime that he needed to know about.

This was before 9/11.  I can’t imagine myself having to go through what previously was a load of shit relative to what as the article describes, how it is now.  As many of the comments to the article describe, I too will, as long as I can, pass on taking any kind of a trip down south, or do anything that takes me near the place.  Why would I want to visit what to alot of outsiders like me, appears to be a huge prison?  I’ll happily stay here, shovel out my igloo every-once-in-a-while and live in complete and utter ignorance of the greatness that is the U.S. of A.

(Sorry to all of my American friends, coworkers and acquaintances, etc. )

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One Response to “Visiting the U.S.”

  1. LOTGK Says:

    No offense taken.
    Sorry you had to pass through Detroit…..
    Anyway, since 9-11 some things have actually gotten better while others considerably worse.
    Air travel is now an all day occurrence. If you have a business meeting, you pretty much have to fly in the night before or risk missing your scheduled meeting time.

    There are some employee’s that seem to think they are King of all they see. Looks like you dialed up one of these. Those are the types that give the rest of the hard working security agents a bad name.

    We here in the States are trying. Just wish they would bring our military home and utilize them to help control terrorism here.

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